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Cheap Seats Daily: Breaking News: Will Snyder Take On Tailgaters?

Some day, we'll look back at this as the beginning of the Blackouts Era of Redskins football.

Heading into the weekend, the entertaining putzes over at Dan Snyder's message board,, were in a tizzy like never before. Things have only gotten tizzier since.

They've uncovered a story bigger than Mike "Biggest Loser" Williams' pre-fast waistline: Dan Snyder might launch a war on tailgating!

After rumors surfaced that new anti-tailgating edicts would be put in place next season, a fan posted contents of an email that was allegedly sent out by the team to its richest suite lessees containing new game day parking rules for 2009.

Two of the new rules are:

  • "Tailgating is permitted only in the last few rows of each lot." And,
  • "All vehicles will be directed to specific spaces in each lot."
  • These new rules mean that only groups that show up at the stadium lots very early and very together will be able to throw a joint tailgate. The only point would be to discourage tailgating.

    Trust me, this is going to be big. Even the diehardest Skins fan agrees tailgating is the only part of the game-day experience that makes a trip to FedExField palatable. (I love tailgating at Snyder's stadium! I've been to FedExField on four Redskins game days in the last two seasons, but I haven't seen a single play live. I've tailgated with my high school buddies and then left before kickoff each time to watch the game at home. I recommend the routine.)

    If the email to suiteholders is legitimate and the new rules are enforced — and, given the shoddiness of everything about the operation, that latter one's a real big "if" — these rules will be deal breakers for a lot of Skins season ticket holders.

    Many posters, however, think this parking rules package is a one-season deal that Snyder is throwing out there so he can add a tailgate-fee next season.

    What sort of Bubble Boy thinks such an idea would fly?

    Stay with Cheap Seats Daily for all the breaking news in Snyder's TailgateGate!

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    • Joe

      I know people like to whine. But this is a good move by the Skins. Tailgaters often take up huge numbers of spaces, create traffic problems in parking lots and are an all around nuisance for the huge majority of fans who have no interest in tailgating. I suspect that the Redskins are merely responding to the huge numbers of fans who have complained.

    • The Mayor of FedEx Field

      Deal with it Joe, just like we deal with half ass fans like you.

    • chiplomilleristheman

      this is quite upsetting. will they lower the cost of food & beverages inside the stadium if this happens? that is the only way i might approve, but even then, tailgating is almost half the fun of watching the game at the stadium.

    • Max Powers

      The people who attend tailgates are the "True Redksins Fans." Moving the "True Fans" to the back of parking lots is the best way to alienate the only true fans the team has left. Basically NFC East games and games against the Pittsburgh Steelers at FedEx field have become home games for those opponents. It's unfortunate that Snyder is killing the Redskins just like he killed Six Flags and Johnny Rockets.

    • Dave McKenna

      The Mayor is back! FAB! as goes the mayor, so goes FedEx! so, mayor, what are you going to do about the tailgate rules?

    • Barion Marry

      Let the FedEx tailgate fiasco continue. I'm going to suggest a Tailgating Bill that will use RFK during the games as the Ultimate Tailgating Location. It's all part of my plan to undo what Sharon Pratt Kelly did. I already know that I'll get resistance from Well, because it is too close to the Anacostia and Fenty because it will undermine the Benning Road Trolley. Could've had it at the DC United Stadium in Ward 8, but know who killed that deal too.

      If we can't get the team back for another 26 years, we can at least get the tailgaters.

    • The Mayor of FedEx Field

      Dave: Good to see/hear you again.

      As for the DTC, we are an unstoppable force.

      We will do exactly what we did last year, and the 8 years previous and that set up the biggest, baddest, loudest tailgate in the parking lot.

      We still invite any Redskins fan, and we still deny any other fan.

      We will however, fight for anyones right to tailgate.

      It looks like three major tailgates are in jeopardy here.

      Extremeskins, G-20, and one put on by a huge Redskins fan Mark.

      Lets help these guys and sign up.

      Oddly enough Dave, this is the first thing I have not backed Dan Snyder on.

    • The Mayor of FedEx Field

      Oh and shout out to my boy Max Powers!

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