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Top D.C. Officials Haven’t Filed Financial Disclosures

Every May 15, legions of city employees scramble to finish their financial disclosure statements—public documents collected by the Office of Campaign Finance laying out whether government managers and certain other workers have any real or potential conflicts of interest.

This year, for instance, LL walked into Phil Mendelson's office on May 15 to see the at-large councilmember hunched over a typewriter shortly before the deadline. Mendelson, as it happens, is one of the few folks in town who reports anything of substance on his forms.

Most declare nothing, and some haven't filed at all. Last week, OCF published a lengthy list of nearly 1,000 nonfilers. Many of those are low-level functionaries, many of them no longer work for the District, but a handful were top-level officials.

LL followed up with OCF and had learned that several of them have complied since the list was compiled. But Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee, human services director Clarence Carter, and health director Pierre Vigilance, and elected State Board of Education member William Lockridge still have not submitted forms.

Among the late filers who have since turned in forms: Office of Property Management Director Robin-Eve Jasper, Public Service Commission chair Betty Ann Kane, TV-and-film czar Kathy Hollinger, Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking chief Thomas Hampton, and SBOE member Dotti Love Wade.

Wesley Williams, an OCF spokesperson, says letters have been sent to all the folks who failed to file by May 15. The nonfilers have until tomorrow to file before the cases are referred for hearings.

UPDATE, 6/19, 10:45 A.M.: Williams tells LL that Thomas Hampton's name was on the late-filer list due to an error on OCF's part—not Hampton's.

UPDATE, 6/19, 11:35 A.M.: Same goes for Kane, Wade, and Hollinger, Williams says. And Rhee filed hers late yesterday afternoon.

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  • Sara

    Quick correction, the list that is linked is of those who did file. Thanks!

  • Mike DeBonis

    Nonfilers are listed after the filers, at the bottom. Starts on p.4600

  • Q

    Now that they've filed, where's the content? Any gifts from foreign governments, any trips from corporate sponsors??

  • abuzznDC

    The Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) is pretty much a toothless institution to provide a facade of ethical integrity evidenced by a chronic history of DC Govt. having little to none. Senior DC officials are frequently non-compliant, evasive and just out and out lie about any potential conflicts of interest or to report any of their financial dealings. It is the Mid-level and the "peons" of DC Govt. who bear the brunt of any non-disclosure ramifications. The scandal at OCTO would have been prevented if all those senior officials in DC Govt. were actually law abiding Public servants.