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Schadenfreude Alert: John Ensign to Admit Cheating on Wife

LL just got this news alert concerning the District's favorite gun-lovin', home-rule-disrespectin', voting-rights obstructionist:

Nevada Republican Sen. John Ensign has told colleagues that he plans to admit an extramarital affair, a senior Republican source tells POLITICO.

WaPo's Chris Cillizza has more: 'The affair, which was with a woman who worked for both Ensign's re-election campaign and his Battle Born leadership political action committee, began in December 2007 and ended in August 2008. Ensign's wife, Darlene, said that the couple's "marriage has become stronger" and added: "I love my husband."'

Gee—couldn't be happening to a nicer guy bigger dick!

UPDATE, 7:15 P.M.: Politico has their big story up: Ensign forced to reveal because he was being blackmailed by the jealous cuckolded husband!

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  • Mike Licht

    Any reax from the Senator's Promise Keepers chapter or the Ensigns' Pentecostal International Church of the Foursquare Gospel?

  • Mike DeBonis

    Huh---you're actually not joking about that Foursquare Gospel business....

  • Joel Lawson

    Voted for the Marriage Protection Amendment in 2004 and 2006.

    "Sadly, the effort to redefine marriage against the wishes of a majority of the people is, with help from activist judges, succeeding," Ensign said. "In order to defend the institution of marriage, uphold the rights of individual states, and maintain the will of the people, I believe we are compelled to amend our country's constitution." Statement 2-25-04


  • SG

    Bwahahaha, why am I not surprised. It's always the biggest dbag who is outed as a fraud after trying to meddle into other peoples' lives and freedoms.

  • Stan Burgh

    Not only an affair, but an affair with a MARRIED WOMAN WHO HE THEN FIRED!

    Nice to see the right "protecting the sanctity of marriage"... hypocrites.

  • Truth Hurts

    He's just the latest in a long line of sanctimonious "family value" jerks. There will be more.

  • downtown rez

    So much for "what happens in Vegas..."

  • deb watts

    If he "LOVES" his wife why doesn't he have an affair with her ...not really what I wanted to say...NO man is ever faithful. The very ones that talk about it are the very ones that are doing it....they will all be way or another...Yet another reason that all marriages should be 10 years with a way out when you get sick to death of the same old thing.....

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  • Dave Jamieson

    The cuckold and his wife bought a Vegas home for $1.2 million at the peak of the market, with an 8% rate, according to Politico. If that's partly why he was blackmailing the senator, then Ensign's just another casualty of the housing meltdown!

  • Mike Licht

    John Ensign is a veterinarian. Is "Neuter and Spay the Only Way"?