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Our Morning Roundup: Debating the Trey Joyner Vigil

New Columbia Heights seems to enjoy the opening up of a liquor store at Sherman and Fairmont, writing "it's convenient for folks in that area." This is just interesting. Liquor stores in gentrifying neighborhoods–as well as wine store openings—are accepted, draw excitement even. In other areas, say areas still struggling to get more than one sit-down restaurant, they are a blight. See Congress Heights on the Rise's completely different take on liquor stores.

Frozen Tropics draws some heated debate/angst over the candlelight vigil for Trey Joyner held this past weekend. Joyner was recently shot and killed by U.S. Park Police. The vigil was held at 7 p.m. on Saturday. Among the comments:

"What a crock. I'm sorry but candle-light vigils should be reserved for true tragedies – those wherein actual innocents are caught in the crossfire of violence that people like Trey have inflicted upon our neighborhood."

And this:

"As of 10 pm, the "vigil" is now a go-go party. There are about 75 people (that can be seen from my angle anyway– there could be even more out of my eyesite) hanging out in the alley with a live band with a LOUD drum set. I fail to see how this honors anyone's death. It is just disrespectful to the families in the neighborhood."

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space opens up a discussion calling for stricter demolition rules: "What the problem is that there aren't adequate remedies in DC law, other than designation as a landmark, or existence of a historic district, to prevent demolition." Don't just read the quote. This is a must-read blog post.

And Now, Anacostia has some sweet pictures of a corner home renovation. The house looks like something out of Disney.

The New Teacher On The Block tries to cope with the closing school year:

"It has obviously not fully hit me yet that I will not be teaching again until August. I am floating around in a surreal world; my life has focused so strongly on my kids for the past 10 months that its hard to think about anything else!

Maybe Thursday, when I'm lounging on a North Carolina beach instead of: lesson planning, doing ABA, managing nap time, taking kids to the bathroom, and trying to sooth chair-throwing temper tantrums, it will become more real...."

Upset the Setup gets nostalgic for the Goodie Mob.

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  • The Advoc8te

    Thanks for another mention! While I would never steal another bloggers enthusiasm there is definetly a difference between New Columbia Heights enthusiasm and our situation over here in Congress Heights.

    I would be hard pressed to find anyone in Ward 8 who would feel "enthusiastic" about another liquor store opening (quiet the opposite). I am sure that is in part because the opening of a liquor store here is (pardon my pun) about as commonplace as the opening of a Miller Geniune Draft (with all the flair and design of a broken bottle) not to mention we only have one place in the entire Ward to have a sit down meal, no place to have a coffee or frap and read a book. Not to mention that all the liquor stores in River East can not masqurade behind a cute "wine and spirits" vibe. They are the lowest common denominator of liquor stores - chronic loitering, iron bars and garrish signage included.

    Nothing cute or exciting about them at all. If 75% of the liquor stores in River East were to burn to the ground it would be a great start.

  • Q

    Wow, who'd a thought ARSON as a solution to the ABC Board's moratorium. That sounds almost criminal...oh wait. It IS. I sympathize though, much like illegal drugs, people know where to get their fix, so celebrating a new venue to get them (for convenience sake) isn't all that inspiring. Not just Congress Heights, but Petworth, Brightwood Park, MayFair, Sursum Corda, Barry Farms, Deanwood, Ivy City, ... etc. would probably take the news of a New Liquor store a little differently.

  • The Advoc8te

    One person's "arson" is another persons "inspiration for new development" LOL.

  • Mr T in DC

    Actually, as a long-time resident, I don't share the enthusiasm of New Columbia Heights for the new liquor store. We already have plenty of dingy liquor stores that provide libations to our large population of alcoholics/drifters/homeless in Columbia Heights, and adding another one will not help the situation. I don't find the specter of additional empty bottles in our tree boxes, public urination on our streets, etc as particularly "exciting."

  • monkeyrotica

    Depends on how you do the urinating.

  • andrew

    I wrote the New Columbia Heights post, and what can I say, I like booze. Jokes aside, the only ones I know of are the two at 14th and Monroe, which are kind of a hike for me - I live in the southern part of the hood. Where are the other ones you guys mention in CH?