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Alcohol + Caffeine = No-No, FTC Says

Sorry to break this news: But it turns out that mixing caffeine and alcohol may not the best way to party all night and get up for work the next morning, chipper as ever.

The maker of the caffeinated schnapps Wide Eye has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that its advertisements were “deceptive, unsubstantiated, and in violation of federal law.”

Coming in flavors like Pomegranate Spice, Cherry Bomb and Mango Chill, Wide Eye is one of many alcoholic energy drinks that started turning up in liquor stories in the last year or so. But the FTC says its maker, Constellation Brands Inc., has no credible evidence to back up claims that the liqueur as a great way to get a buzz on without losing your edge.

“The truth is that alcohol and caffeine could be a dangerous mix, and a claim like that can have very serious consequences,” says Eileen Harrington, acting director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

FTC officials have been on a roll recently. On Tuesday, they nabbed Kmart Corp. and two other companies for greenwashing. All three were charged with making “false and unsubstantiated claims” that paper plates, paper towels and moist wipes that they sold were biodegradable.

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  • nivin

    Does this mean I have to give up Irish Coffee??

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  • Christine MacDonald

    Nivin - Irish Coffee likely does fall into the "danger zone" but apparently the FTC hasn't weighed in on hot toddies yet. So enjoy it while you can!

  • TABC Certification

    caffeine either in coffee or in drink is injurious to health,the companies you mentioned who were making false and unsubstantiated claims should be heavily charged so they won't even think again about this in future.