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Our Morning Roundup: Real World D.C. Edition

The Anti-Real World DC blog is gonna have to do better than this post:

"Deja vu? More like deja poo. See, I've already lived in a city that had a Real World house. I've already had to deal with reengineering my social life around 7 douchebags who fail to represent anything more than the sad part of America that can't figure out how to have a life that isn't documented for other peole who can't figure out how to have a life. Was it frustrating? Absolutely. Annoying? Oh yeah. Did it improve or destroy my life and/or city? Nawwww. The last time I lived in a city with a RW house (I can't believe I have a "last time," it's so sad), the house was on the otherside of the city from me and the most imposition I had was having to go to a different Starbucks a few time..."

Your indifference will not sustain your blog. Good luck.

The New Teacher On The Block does not welcome the idea of Fenty spending tons of money on an elementary school's soccer field. They have strong words:

"Well, it wouldn't be....except he gave the school $850,000 to BUILD A SOCCER FIELD. Now, I'm no expert on these things, but I am OUTRAGED at this pricetag. I cannot imagine why an elementary school needs that much money to build a soccer field that, according to a source at Murch, will feature TURF as opposed to grass. Is it just me, or is this another example of the wasteful and ridiculous spending that goes on in DCPS? I mean, take out the asphalt, put in some grass, paint some lines, and buy a couple of goals.

This money is enough to pay about 10 DCPS teachers a year, by my estimation."

B and T Crowd celebrates his one-year wedding anniversary. Couple finds an unspent 9-mm bullet.

On Bloomingdale (for now) people are flipping out over this (awesome) mural.

Borderstan reports that Real World: DC has a Facebook group. Of course.

Penn Quarter Living name drops Rhoda Morgenstern. Awesome.

Congress Heights on the Rise continues its fight against malt liquor. This time they analyze the situation in Barry Farm.

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  • Mulletime

    There were high hopes for the Anti-Real World DC blog. But I think their posts might even be more obnoxious to read than any potential run ins with RWDC peoples might be.

  • Buzzsaw

    I agree mullettime. I visited the site, and these sorry homos keep romanticizing all of the "bad" neighborhoods that the RW cast won't venture into, yet they live in Dupont. If they lived in Shaw or Logan or Columbia Heights like the majority of non-partnered, non-50 year old gays, they wouldn't have to worry about any of this crap. And how could a camera crew possibly make Town more obnoxious than it is already?

  • UStreetFan

    You had high hopes for the blog? Like trenchant insight regarding the Real World? And what sorry homos? There's a guy on there who bitched about how the Real World is going to mess up his game. Reading is hard.

  • Buzzsaw

    Um, reading the first post was obviously is tough, given that it's about going to Secrets. And anothe LGBT edition post makes me think that there qare afew gay people posting on there.

  • Susan

    It would have been cool if you would have also referred to the original blog that Congress Heights is responding to: Barry Farm (Re)Mixed--even though CHOTR is the one who is truly up against Mart Liquor.

  • Susan

    Regardless--thanks for getting the word out about River East blogs!