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Is the D.C. House Voting Rights Act Officially Dead?

Roll Call's Tory Newmeyer reports that House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has backed off his earlier promises to bring the D.C. House Voting Right Act to the chamber's floor.

Reports Newmeyer:

"As a result of there not being a consensus, I don’t think we’re going to be able to move the bill at this point in time,” Hoyer told reporters at his weekly briefing....Hoyer had originally set Memorial Day as his target for passing the D.C. voting bill. Before the break for that holiday, he acknowledged the difficulty in reaching a breakthrough but pledged action this year. “It is going to happen,” he said. He declined to repeat the prediction on Tuesday.

Call this one more step toward oblivion for the DCHVRA. Without a 180-degree turn by Eleanor Holmes Norton and others on a possible gun amendment compromise, this thing looks dead in the water.

But, says one wag, "Things are still in the works."

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  • dfrs

    How about a followup on where each of the players stand on yhis issue?

  • abuzznDC

    Is stubbornness so high or graduation rates in DC so low that the solution to the dilemma (problem) cannot be seen in geography and demographics (i.e.: population data) for a means to an end? DC should be a distinct county in the State of Maryland. The school system, crime, health and child care, not to omit responsible city government would all fare better. As a county in maryland, DC's 600G residents would have a major say as to which 2 House Reps and Senators represent them best. Virginia took back their part of DC long ago and (Arlington County) has fared much better than the right bank of the Potomac. Keep vacillating DC and Utah will get its Representative in the next census by its sheer population growth alone.

  • DCPolitics

    Ya, I can see two MAJOR problems with your solution.
    #1 Washingtonians don't want to become part of MD
    #2 Marylanders doesn't want DC to become part of MD
    That being said, got any other bright & shiny ideas?

  • DCPolitics

    Please excuse the grammatical error.
    Should read: "Marylanders don't"