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D.C. Fire Department: Nats Fireworks Problem Solved

One day after Chief Dennis Rubin halted fireworks displays at Nats games after paper bits fell on him, the D.C. Fire Department has declared the problem has been fixed. Its press release states:

"The District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department met with the Washington Nationals to identify additional measures to ensure spectator safety during pyrotechnic activities at Nationals Park. These new measures will be put in place to serve as an additional layer of protection to reduce debris when fireworks are used during the National Anthem, when the team takes the field, and during the Nationals' homeruns and victories. Normal pyrotechnic activities will resume for the next home game."

More details after the jump.

The District now moves at super-sonic speed to fix major safety problems. Or the fireworks problem wasn't much of a problem at all. Alan Etter, the spokesperson from the fire department, says the angle in which the devices were being deployed had to be changed so the fallout would end up outside the stadium. "They did tell me that the product itself is being revised so that there's less debris that is subject to fall on people," Etter says. But adds: "None of this stuff is on fire."

What if it's windy? "That will be something the experts ... will consider," Etter says. "The wind is the huge determination."

What fell on Rubin? Paper debris—the wadding. "There was no fire, no fire that landed on anybody," Etter says.

The new precautions were ironed out during a meeting held today between the Nationals and the Fire Department. Etter says Rubin was in attendance.

Etter says he does not know why Rubin had overruled the department's fire inspector at Nationals Park yesterday.

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  • DC Res

    Good attempt by Rubin to stop the idiot train from moving. I’m sure Rubin has better things to do like preventing WJLA Jay Korff from getting an Emmy Ooops to late Jay won the Emmy Sat June 6. Well I’m sure you or Crosswhite will smack your self soon. I’ll stay tone…. To the DCFEMS versions of The Laurel & Hardy Show

  • get rid of him

    It's Official…. Dennis Rubin has done it. He has made the top three
    “Dumbest DC Fire Chief List.” Congrats chief this is no small feat. The top three slots are reserved for the best of the best in this category. Keep up the good work Chief Rubin….by next year you could be #1.

  • Eddie H

    There's nothing here that could have been handled by just a simple memo or the distribution of a new policy.
    Chief Rubin could have made himself, the department, the inspector, and the Mayor and city look good if he had just announced a new policy the next day. He could have said it was in the interest of public safety, and the public would have loved it...
    But instead, he had to be a showoff...

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