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Two More Die in Double-Decker Bus Incident

Nearly a year to the date since two young Northern Virginia men died after standing up on a double-decker tour bus, two 22-year-old men from the Chicago area were killed in a similar fashion. All four of them were fatally wounded while standing on the bus' second-level as they traveled under an overpass. In D.C., the two men died after hitting the underside of the 11th Street Bridge while going to a Nationals game. Near Chicago on Saturday, the victims passed under I-57 on Illinois Route 16. In 2006, a similar accident involving a bus full of Kansas State fans killed one and seriously injured another.

Last year, DDOT transportation director Emeka Moneme said he wanted to take a look at clearance and safety issues after the investigation was completed. That investigation concluded Michael Feiock, 35, of Centreville and Joshua Stoll, 24, of Sterling ignored safety instructions and were standing on their seats with their backs to the bridge. A call's out to DDOT to see what, if any, changes have been made or will be made in regard to the city's two-tier buses.

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