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Straw Poll: Is Dos Gringos’ Hands-On Service Gross?

Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights do not lack for coffee shops. The Heights has two Starbucks and the awesome Sticky Fingers—not to mention a new coffee shop on the way. Mount Pleasant has...Dos Gringos.

Dos Gringos has never been my go-to coffee shop. The place smells bad. Its service is indifferent. And, well, the place's legendary bad rep (at least online) puts me off. On Saturday evening, I went over there anyway out of sheer laziness.

There were just a few people inside. The place was quiet. I scanned the complicated menu and then simply ordered an iced coffee. Pretty standard fare. The fat, sweaty guy behind the cash register seemed nice enough in taking my order. He politely told me about the various sizes in which I could order my iced-coffee: small, medium and large. He made change quickly.

I then sorta spaced out as he was filling my order. It is not all that exciting to watch a fat, sweaty man take out a pitcher of ready-made cold coffee and pour it into a cup filled with ice chips.

But then things got weird. The sweaty man took out a straw.

Normally when ordering iced-coffee, the clerk will just give you a cup and you are then free to select from the various sugars (natural, conventional white, artificial), and decide if you want a straw or not. The straw option is crucial. It should be your choice. [Maybe Tommy Wells will get around to writing legislation that would call for a two-cent straw tax].

Anyway, I looked down at my iced-coffee and a straw was already nestled into the cup's plastic top. The man had clearly smacked the straw into my cup with one of his sweaty mitts.

"I don't need the straw," I said.

"Too late," the clerk said.

I wanted to punch this clerk in his man boob. Instead, I walked out and tossed my new sweaty straw into a trash can. So was this coffee clerk's behavior gross or not? Unnecessary or did he just simply provide a nice service in giving me that straw?

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  • Mike Riggs

    Haha. Straw poll.

  • creativemeat

    So if you order a drink at the bar and the bartender puts a straw in your cocktail, you get upset?

  • Wrack

    I don't know if you take milk with your coffee, but if so, you could've tried to get it from his man boob. That would've shown him:

    "Hey. Don't milk my man boob."

    "Too late."

  • Downtown rez

    And, if you had punched him, would you expect an MPD mental health crisis mediation team respond to broker the terms of your arrest?

  • Adams Morgan

    They put the straw in your drink at Tryst....and I'm with creativemeat...when you a drink that requires a straw at most bars, the straw is already in the drink (think sodas, bloody mary's, etc.). Maybe it was just because the guy was sweaty you noticed this...

  • Q

    Jason, did you drink the coffee? Who goes in a grimy saloon and orders an 'iced coffee' with a clean straw. LOL! Punching a man for putting a straw in your cup makes you a borderline "manic depressive", which as Downtown Rez suggests won't be met well by the MPD mental health crisis team. Trying to 'milk him' as Wrack suggests gives rise to other mental disorders.

    What a "Starbucks wimp". LOL! With all the complaints you already made about the place, clearly you are ignoring AIRBORNE germs, etc. in the place. Did you open the door with gloves too? LOL!

  • Jamie

    I can't believe you mention Sticky Fingers as a coffee shop in "The Heights" (really?) and don't mention Columbia Heights Coffee, the independent coffee shop that may even be older than Dos Gringos. While their service is occasionally time-stoppingly slow, it's friendly and the coffee is awesome.

    They don't put straws in your drink either.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Jamie thanks for pointing out Columbia Heights Coffee. I totally should have mentioned that shop.

    I also want to clarify something. The sweaty dude smacked the straw into the top of my cup.

  • John

    Heller's makes a decent cup of coffee, too.

  • DcRat

    Jason, are you the same dude that puts the wooden stirrers back into the holder after using them? You . . ..may . . . need . . . . help.