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Fuego/Frio Hits Home!

In which Erik gives prop to former CP reporter Jessica Gould, scolds the Examiner for "buying the tort reformers' angle," refuses to read Baltimore Gay Life, and dings the auto section of the Washington Hispanic for overstepping its advertorial bounds.

PLUS: A stirring bonus segment in which Erik lobs a BIG ONE at CP's own glass house. No way are you touching that remote!

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  • Fred

    Could someone please scold the Examiner for blocking people from posting in their comments section? (Or investigate it?)

  • Dave

    Does Erik flip off the camera at the very end of this video? Sure looks like it.

  • creativemeat

    Fuego/Frio translated means Fire/Cold.

  • Downtown rez

    Most Fuego part: 1:32
    Eric's new buzz cut? Frio!