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Post 200 Has No Room for the Mystics

Because lists are the future of journalism, the Washington Post has published the 2009 "Post 200," a DC-centric Fortune 500.

The sports franchises category had some interesting tidbits.

The Post gives data for the Redskins, Caps, Wizards, Nationals and DC United.

But the Mystics, like the Caps owned by Ted Leonsis and unlike the Caps managed by BET founder Sheila Johnson, didn't make the cut.

I'm no Bernie Madoff, but I'm guessing that if DC United, with posted revenues of $15 million, makes the list, and your sports franchise does not, your sports franchise ain't really doing good.

Or the Post doesn't consider the WNBA to be a sports league.

The print version of the Post 200 also included employee statistics, and I was very surprised to see that the Redskins, with revenues listed at $325 million and a 53-man-plus roster, were said to have only about half as many workers as the Wizards, with a 12-man squad and $200 million in income.

Could that be possible?

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    I heard an explanation for the reason the Skins have few employees. Please take this as heresay and not gospel though until someone can confirm.

    Snyder makes a large donation(s) to a church each year. Members of that church volunteer to work at FedEx field. Snyder gets a tax write off, and the amount donated is considerably less than what it would take to employ the same number of people to staff the stadium. He wins on both ends.

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