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Real Housewives Franchise Comes to D.C.

Stop me if you already read this at DCist, but Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart reports that

Bravo is spinning off yet another series from its Real Housewives franchise: The Real Housewives of D.C., which will be the fifth in the series....

The series will be produced by [D.C.'s] Half Yard Productions, which produced Discovery’s American Loggers. Different production companies produce the different spin-offs, perhaps to keep them fresh.

This is absolutely fantastic. Would it be too much of a stretch for Half Yard to recruit Maureen Dowd?

Washington City Paper's twitter account (@WCP) is leading the hunt on this one. Twitter your guesses as to which neighborhoods are most likely to produce Half Yard's "real housewives" and tag your tweets #realhousewivesdc. Guess correctly and there may be some swag in it for you.

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  • J

    Frightening...I think they will probably stick to Georgetown mostly and chevy chase (mazza). Maybe have one b*tch in Great falls and one b*thc in Potomac. I can't wait for the Housewives spotting to begin...

  • Q

    C'mon Mike, April Fools was last month! To call this entertainment is a travesty. To bring this ilk to DC, is TYPICAL. Even Bravo doesn't have respect for us. It will either be Buppie/Yuppiesque with one African-American, one Latino, and three WASP or WASJ (Jewish) wives. Stop guessing the neighborhoods it will take place in. You know that it will probably take place in Capitol Hill, Brookland, Shepherd Park, Palisaides, or Adams Morgan. These are the only neighborhoods that external folks glamorize or fantasize about. Expect scenes from the NEW Eastern Market, a Nats game or Wizards game (depending on when they tape). Expect a shout out to Obama while you are at it. Basically, a charicature of what most DC housewives deal with. Cut to some scenes from various DC Clubs, and Georgetown.

    Nothing dealing with DCPS, public safety, wage issues, snarled commutes, work/life/family balance, etc. This is so stupid, I don't even believe this is considered NEWS.

  • Z

    Primarily from the burbs -- Bethesda, Great Falls, Potomac. McLean -- most will not be from DC itself.

    Brookland?? Are you out of your mind?

  • Q

    You're right J, expect some crazy auditions to be had! And forgive me for not considering the Suburbs in this trifling excuse for compelling television.

  • lizzy


  • Mike Riggs

    I'm thinking Barnaby Woods and Chevy Chase.

    I'll eat my hat if Bravo selects from NE/SE. It's not like they culled from working class hoods in the previous four shows.

  • J

    I agree- chevy chase area has that fancy strip of stores that only Beverly Hills has. They will want to associate with that crap.

  • SG

    There aren't enough big-boobed floosies in the DC area to make the show entertaining. I know everyone loves to hate on DC (fuck you all, by the way), but one thing DC is not is a hotbed of LA-NY-ATL style floosies. Most of the women here are successful and ambitious and not really "trashy" in the traditional American sense.

  • Jason Cherkis

    I say the women come from Bethesda, some sort of Pony Country out in VA, and Georgetown. No Cap Hill. It's all Georgetown and the burbs.

  • sara.h

    i say there will be someone from up by AU/spring valley area.

  • SarahG

    I agree with SG, if not his/her the use of the term "big-boobed floosies."

    The problem is that Real Housewives is built around psychos, and in D.C. most of the Grade A nuts are involved in politics somehow, so it's unlikely that they'd sign-up to splash their crazy all over T.V. It's going to be tough to recruit interesting trainwrecks in this town for that reason. Too bad Jaci Reid moved back to NY--she'd be *perfect*

  • J

    I know - how about that crazy b*tch Omarosa? She lives in the Dc area and granted she may not be a millionaire, but shes crazy enough for Real Housewives.

    I can see the b*tch slapping at cafe milano now.

  • Q favorite quotes, “big-boobed floosies” "Most of the women here are successful and ambitious and not really “trashy” in the traditional American sense." and "chevy chase area has that fancy strip of stores that only Beverly Hills has. They will want to associate with that crap."

    Yet...even with that, there WILL be some takers from ALL quadrants and surrounding counties, because SHAMELESSNESS comes in all colors, creeds, locals, and demographics.

  • Nathaniel

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • wetfeet

    where are you???

  • Helen

    Frankly, I think having the great DC area is a wonderful opportunity to show America the amazing women we have in DC. I never felt the show was all about flussies, large breast big mouth women. I love the show and feel that Chevy Chase would be an amazing place. There homes are worth millions but frankly don't look like mansion at all. After all, it is location, location, location. I hope this takes off and we stay away from the politics.

  • Big Tony

    what the hell is wrong with big boobed floosies, gosh darnit

  • Q

    Helen, while I don't belive you work for BRAVO, the sincerest intent of the show is to exploit, sensationalize, trivialize and otherwise stereotype the participants. That is what some call entertainment. I don't, but you pretty much figured that out from my comments.

    Reality TV is sometimes contrived, scripted, and pales in comparison to anything other than a sociological experiment gone wrong. Very little of it is inspiring or compelling. It is designed so that the consumers of it either champion or totally despise the participants. Mostly the latter. People get more of a rush out of opposing someone (loving to hate someone) than being likable. And this Love-Hate in reality TV is what galvenizes and otherwise group of intelligent people who wouldn't stoop to the level to watch it. We easily remember the jerks and those with sociopathic qualities from these shows (Omorosa, New York, etc.). Why? Because we are graduated "rubber neckers at an accident scene." We relish in other's ignorance and failure.

    If this show was shot in Chevy Chase-Mazza Gallerie-Bethesda area, who would it really serve? Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous perhaps, but clearly, even with marriage rates declining it would not be representative of the masses. Yes, DC is full of affluent people, but with 20% below the poverty line, all this show would do is show the super HAVES (and not the HAVE NOTS).

    Not only that but, some of the women on the previous shows (and the equivalent "I Married a Baller" ) are very one dimensional and living off of their husbands' money. Is that really representative of Washington, DC housewives? I surely hope not.

    I'm not ragging on you Helen or your beliefs, I'm just a little disappointed that the concept of this show has drawn so much "attention" and "tragic" seeking participants.

  • Q

    CORRECTION: Much apologies for mistakenly adding "I Married a Baller" to the list of shows. That along with some typos, I apologize for. The sentiments of the message are still there however. :)