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Ray’s Hell Burger Sees Obama Bump

From WeLoveDC's twitter: "Wow. It's 11:50, and there are 32 people in line *outside* Rays Hell Burger. Not even noon yet!" Thank you Obama.

It's been established that wherever Obama goes, the tour buses and locals will follow, temporarily ruining eating for everyone who doesn't like to wait in long lines for half smokes or gourmet burgers. In the future, Mr. President can you not stop by the following places:


*The Mount Pleasant 7-11

*Old City

*The Whole Foods (Dupont Circle Logan Circle) sandwich counter.

*Soul Veg

*The CVS at Irving and 14th.

*The Columbia Heights Target on Saturday afternoons.

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  • Jim

    Umm... I realize this is splitting hairs, but the Whole Foods is in Logan Circle. :-P

  • just sayin

    You mean we can get back into Ben's again now that his excellency has eaten elsewhere?

  • Jason Cherkis

    Jim. You are correct. Apologies. Will fix.

  • Red Shirt

    You mean there wasn't a long line at Ray's before Obama's visit? I beg to differ.

  • Q

    14th & Irving!!! Jason, the numbers go first. You've been living here long enough to know this. LOL! The irony, if I may be so blunt to say, is that while they are local eateries, they are overrated anyways. I don't have to travel across the pond to Ray's just to get a good burger. There are plenty of places within DC that make a good burger, of the veggie and turkey variety too. Friday's and Ruby Tuesday's to name a few. I'm not a hater, but give me a half smoke from a hot dog stand and my own chilli any day over Ben's. If Obama kept within a half mile radius of the White House, he'd see some fairly good eateries. So basically, I encourage Obama to go to all those "fru-fru" places, add Citronelle, Raisika, Clyde's, etc. to the list, while I can eat in peace at places that specialize where their food is better than the ambiance. :)

    Hey...shouldn't this column be in Young and Hungry? Jason, you encroaching on Tim's turf? LOL!

  • Wrack

    Good god, I hope He goes to the CVS at 14th and Irving. Maybe then they'll take the freaking BAR SOAP out of the LOCKED CABINETS. I mean, for chrissake.

  • Q

    Yeah...what Wrack says! Add shaving cartridges to that too. Then again, Obama visiting the CVS buying soap would only make the SOAP harder to get. Imagine the premium we'd have to pay for LEVER 2000 or DIAL with his picture on it.

  • Jason Cherkis

    I'd nominate that CVS as one of the worst in the city. The smell alone, the always long lines, etc...

  • Q

    Try 17th & G, NW (middle of the block). Ironically, it is the closest one to the White House. It may not have the smell, but the size and lines alone are enough to make you violent. LOL!