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Dan Tangherlini Gone to Treasury Department

Here's a headline: A management-level official in the Fenty administration is leaving his job without getting pushed!

After more than two years as D.C.'s city administrator, Dan Tangherlini is moving across Pershing Park, to a posting at the Treasury Department. There, he will be assistant secretary for management, chief financial officer, and chief performance officer under Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

And despite gaining two titles, he's losing $50,000 in pay. Tangherlini made just north of $200,000 in his District job and will get around $150,000 from the feds.

In remarks presented with the entire mayoral cabinet gathered behind him on the steps of the John A. Wilson Building, Tangherlini expressed "a profound sense of gratitude" to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. He faces Senate confirmation proceedings before he can start his new job and said there will be a transition period before he hands over the operations of D.C. government to current Deputy Mayor Neil O. Albert.

Fenty estimated it'll be a "few weeks" before the transition is complete.

Following the announcement, Fenty said that Albert and Tangherlini are similar. "They're both doers. They both get things done....They've succeeded in every job they've had."

When asked what it meant to have one of his people selected for such a big job, Fenty replied, "Professionally, there's no greater compliment." He noted that Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had key aides selected for top positions in the Obama administration. "It's just exhilirating, it really is," said Fenty.

Did Fenty plug Tangherlini in one of his candid chats with President Obama? No, says the mayor. The only call he received from anyone about Dan Tan was an FBI background check.

Original Post

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has scheduled a 3 p.m. press conference on the steps of the John A. Wilson Building to make a "Cabinet-level" personnel announcement.

This comes on the heels of news broken by Nikita Stewart at WaPo that Dan Tangherlini may be under consideration for a Obama administration job.

Stay tuned at City Desk for immediate updates.

UPDATE, 3 P.M.: Presser is yet to start, but WRC-TV's Tom Sherwood is reporting that Tangherlini is taking a job in the treasury department; Deputy Mayor Neil O. Albert will reportedly replace him as city administrator.

UPDATE, 3:20 P.M.: The entire Fenty cabinet is assembled. Everyone! Still no Fenty.

UPDATE, 3:25 P.M.: Tangherlini will be assistant secretary for management, chief financial officer, and chief performance officer at Treasury.

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Tangher is a wanker. He was a flop at Metro, but failed upward due to Fenty's patronage. He'll be a flop & a failure wherever he goes. He's just like Michelle Rhee - a big talker, but never completing any one job. All PR; in other words, all blow & no show.
    & that could be Fenty's slogan as well: all blow & no show.

  • Cassie

    Neil Albert's even worse.

  • Wrack

    LL, give with the educated guesswork on who'll be the next DMPED!

  • Q

    You guys should have a standup routine. Failed-upward indeed...for LESS pay. That's gotta say something about DC and Fenty if you are willing to take a $50K pay cut!

  • Once again

    This is making me a little worried about the Obama administration. Isnt he the second person from Fenty's cabinet to go????? It makes me wonder what kind of cabinet Obama will have and if his style will be similar o Fenty's. If it is....well... watch out America.

  • concerned

    I like that all blow and now show for Rhee but not for DanTan. He maybe over his head but not like Rhee. She is a fake and is desperate for a national post. Hopefully Duncan is not fooled by her lips service. She talks about a reform that doesn't exist in a school district without curriculum or up tp date textbooks. At least Dantan is cheaper, it only costs us half of Rhee's salary. What a shame!