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The Nats’ Ovechkin?

Here's video of everybody's All American, Stephen Strasburg, finishing off his college career with a strikeout and no-hitter over the weekend.

Everybody who follows these matters thinks the Nationals should draft Strasburg with the pick they earned by being the worst team in baseball.

Well, almost everybody.

I'm no scout. But I've been watching that clip all week, and it seems like Strasburg has already mastered the art of getting umps to call his fastball a strike even when it's off the plate. You can't teach that.

So I say draft him.

What's the worst that can happen? Oh, nevermind.

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  • Cal

    Let Nat fans beware. This guy has been touted as the best college pitcher of all-time. I remember the same thing was said about Ben McDonald in 1989, when he was drafted by the Orioles with the #1 overall pick.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    The cheapass Lerner family didn't sign Aaron Crow, their #1 pick in 2006 because they're cheapskates. Let the Lerner family count their profits - net profits of $40 million in each of the past two years - as they ruin baseball in DC, but if you see any of these cheapskates around town, be sure to tell them what assholes they are.