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The Onion: Strong In D.C.!

Good news for area men: Though The Onion is bagging its print operations in San Francisco and Los Angeles, it's motoring right along here in D.C. and will keep on printing. It has a 50,000 circulation in town, according to its media kit—a level that's 20,000 short of its volume in New York and Chicago.

From an Onion memo:

We love our print publications. They are the foundation of the Onion and, in the majority of our markets, they make us money. We have no plans at this time to cease publication in any of our other markets.

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  • Onion reader

    Hrm. For the past couple of weeks, I haven't been able to find a copy of the Onion at any of the places I usually pick it up. Mostly downtown.

  • Eden

    themediaisdying Twitter account posted yesterday that the DC edition may cease publication, too.

    I wouldn't be surprised, with the recent launch of the Decider sites (which has the content that was exclusive to the print editions), if all the Onion print editions go away sooner rather than later.

  • Matthew Borlik

    themediaisdying's "insiders" are really on top of their game!

    The CP reported that the Onion and the Washington Post were ending their agreement--under which the Post handled all printing, distribution, and ad sales for the Onion--over three months ago:

    The DC print edition of the Onion, which is definitely NOT planning on folding any time soon, now handles all of those aspects of the paper itself, the same way the paper's other cities do. So, technically, themediaisdying's report that "The Washington Post will no longer print the Onion in DC" is true, even if it is old news. But it doesn't mean we're no longer printing in DC or are planning to cease printing.

  • Matthew Borlik


    I'm so glad I got into print journalism in college instead of sticking with that accounting major. Best decision ever.