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Best D.C. Council Budget Typos

LL has spent the last week poring over the budget reports submitted by the 12 D.C. Council standing committees. With hundreds of pages of text, there's bound to be a few slip-ups. Here's two of LL's favorites:

Holy Pork: From Muriel Bowser's public services and consumer affairs committee: "$500, transferred to the Department of Parks and Recreation...for the sole and exclusive use of beatification of passive parks within the boundaries of Ward 4" [emphasis added]. Now Bowser's Catholic and all, but does she have enough pull with the pope to sanctify her parklands?

Dept. of Me: From Harry Thomas Jr.'s libraries, parks, and recreation committee: "Redirect $1M from General Improvement (RG001) to Harry Thomas, Jr. Recreation Center Project, created in the 2009 Capital Budget." The height of narcissistic legislating? Probably not: There is a Harry Thomas Sr. rec center in Eckington, named after the current councilmember's father and predecessor as Ward 5 councilmember.

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  • JimBob

    Are you sure beatification is a typo? Who's wearing egg on their face now, LL?

  • Atomic Moor

    I'm sure the parks will look absolutely beatific. But not because of the halo.

  • KCinDC

    Maybe you are, JimBob, but it's unclear what your point is.

  • JimBob

    KCinDC, it's unclear why you're such a humorless d-bag.

  • Babs

    yes, beautification