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$144M Powerball Jackpot Claimed

That's what the Washington Post is reporting!

But we may never know who's claiming it, though we do know it's a couple:

An attorney finally got in touch with the lottery office this week to claim the winnings on behalf of his clients. Hernandez said the money will be handed over at 11 a.m. on Monday, but the lottery commission and the attorney are still wrangling with details about the handover.

"They physically may not come," Hernandez said. The attorney said his clients want to remain anonymous and are trying to have him claim the prize for them.

The part of LL that's all about transparency is outraged that someone can win a government lottery secretly. The part of LL that read this story is glad that they have that option.

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  • abuzznDC

    Once owner of the winning numbers are verified, it is best that we don't know they are if, they want to be anonymous. The behavior and wisdom of people coming from money over time is quite different from the behavior and idiocy of people who fall into money at one occasion. The press loves to report to fools the goings on of other fools.