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Shepherd Park Fights For A Stop Sign

In recent days, the Shepherd Park listserv went nuts over a missing stop sign. There were multiple posts on this mystery. Here's one from "Marcie":

"What's going on with the missing stop sign at Sudbury and West Beach (heading north)? Is that intentional? If so, shouldn't the one heading south be taken down too? It's a bit of a hazard because the folks who travel that road frequently still stop, while others new to the road do not. Can with Councilwoman Bowser's office or MPD or DPW (or whoever the appropriate entity is) shed some light on this?"

Today, the listserv got some good news about that stop sign.

Brandon T. Todd, Councilmember Muriel Bowser's Communications Director, sent out word that DDOT is putting in a new stop sign at that location. A victory for the listserv!

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    Missing stop signs (as in knocked down) are supposed to be replaced within 24hrs of a call to the mayor's call center, per DDOT's schedule of services. I called a week ago Monday to 311 (nothin') and again on Sunday afternoon (directly to DDOT's Traffic Management Center). Nice that everyone expects the Council Office to expedite stuff, but it would be nicer if DDOT would do their job when called (as they self describe the response time).