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EagleBank Bowl Coming Back

Good thing nobody took my bet: Looks like the city will announce today that the EagleBank Bowl will return, TARP-funded sponsor and all, for the 2009 season.

Sources say the NCAA has sanctioned the game and even given it a better date, Dec. 29, meaning it's moving up the bowl pecking order.

More to come.

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  • EagleBank Bowl Fan

    That's why quality journalism is better than speculation and a unnamed source. This year's game will rock even more than the 2008 EagleBank Bowl, which itself was a profound success.

  • DcCollegeFootballFan

    I'm pretty psyched. I went to the first EagleBank Bowl and it was a blast. I'm a huge college football fan and my school is in the ACC so it gives me the chance to stay local and watch a championship game.

  • Dave McKenna

    dccollegefootballfan and Eaglebankbowlfan:
    you people, or you person, work for the bowl or the bank or both, don't you? this is phony as all get out...