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Peter Nickles Has Found a New Residence

But he won't say where it is.

This is important because Nickles, the District's top legal official, currently lives in Great Falls, Va. As the District's top legal official, he's required to live in the District. He has until May 18 to move in.

Nickles informed LL this afternoon that he has in fact identified his new domicile and that he expects to move in by early May.

Beyond that, he refused to say much else. That includes the place's location—including which ward or neighborhood, though he had earlier indicated an affinity for the upper Connecticut Avenue corridor—whether it's an apartment or house, and whether he's renting or buying.

LL informed him that such reticence would mean LL would have to stake him out.

"That's all right," replied Nickles.

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Welcome to town, Pete. Now count my medical marijuana vote, please.

  • ontarioroader

    I'm guessing his new 'address' will be a PO Box somewhere in upper NW.

  • cminus

    Maybe he's moving into Dick Cheney's old undisclosed location?

  • Jamie

    He's going to amend the constitution to recognize Great Falls as part of DC.

  • lifelong

    He's trying to get you all to follow him instead of his BOSS. It's a set-up. Don't fall for the okey doke! I would much rather you find out where our Mayor is spending his out of the office time and what he's doing while he's there to make him act so squirrelly (sp) lately. Don't let Nickels throw you off the scent!