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The Caps Playoff Opener Didn’t Sell Out?

The Caps have been getting all the attention lately.

So at least one bit of last night's game report from Chinatown by Fox-5's 10 o'clock news gatherer Bob Barnard came as a shock.

The shocking portion:

"Wednesday was Rock the Red towel night at the Verizon Center, but it wasn't a sell out. That said, the tickets that were available weren't cheap, and those coming from the box office would set you back more than $100." (Italics added.)

What? Not a sellout? Every other news organization used some form or "sold-out Verizon Center" in their game stories.

Yet Barnard led viewers to believe he actually walked up to the ticket window.

Have we been duped? Are all the hockey-buzz stories bogus?

Tickets were available at the box office at game time for Game 1?

Good golly. I just went to the Caps website and tried ordering for Game 2.

It ain't sold out, either.

Sounds to me like it's time for another "Save the Caps" telethon!

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    I'm going to game 2 of the caps and rangers tommorow. Whats the difference in a regular season game and a playoff game meaning the atmosphere and energy. How different is it?

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    thank you for your question. i don't think i've been to a playoff hockey game in 12 11 years, but i'll answer it anyway. in playoff hockey there is no down time. the players and fans really care about every second, from the first faceoff till the final horn. it's louder than any other sporting event, and everybody in the stands is dressed the same, so you feel like you're part of a movement.

    in other words, nhl playoff hockey is just like an nba regular season game...IN OPPOSITE LAND!

    guarantee you'll have fun, michael. report back!

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