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More Mayor-Council Baseball Ticket Travails

A new season, a new round of squabbling.

LL has been informed that Washington Nationals tickets are again a point of contention between the city's executive and legislative branches.

According to Dawn Slonneger, top aide to Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, the council has yet to receive their allotment of tickets for Monday's home opener. The Nats have told her that all of the tickets are in the possession of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's office.

Last year, a similar dispute arose over the sharing of tickets; the Nats handed them over to the mayor's office, which in turn distributed them only to certain members, leading to charges of favoritism. Gray had his colleagues keep sending the tickets back until they were distributed equitably. The conflict was only resolved when Fenty consigliere Peter Nickles intervened, and the council was given exclusive use of one of two skyboxes provided by the Nats.

Now Fenty, Slonneger says, has the tickets for the original suite, the council suite, and a "smattering" of seats behind first base. The council, however, does have plenty of parking passes—those were delivered last week by Deputy Mayor Neil Albert.

Slonneger says she brought the matter to the attention of her mayoral counterpart, Carrie Kohns, yesterday; as of 11 a.m. today, no arrangement had been worked out. Mayoral spokesperson Mafara Hobson says she had no idea about the ticket situation.

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  • Skipper

    What a pathetic Council. The city's finances are in a mess, there's widespread government corruption, and the economy is in the crapper. But the Council is wasting time and energy complaining about their free luxury box tickets. Absolutely pathetic. But that won't stop each Councilmember on congratulating each other on their extraordinary leadership on this issue.

  • Babs

    STFU the Mayor is an asssssh---------------!!!!!!!!!!!

  • candycane1

    Tha mayor who fought baseball tooth and nail as a councilmember is at it again? Not only is he pathetic as a mayor, he's pathetic as a man! This is so childish. I do not want the council to fight about it however, just let the public see what a moron he really is. Stop playing into this fool's drama. Let's work on getting his ass out of office. That's the priority! Fix the financial woes of this town. If you work on that, you won't have time for baseball anyway and besides they're losers.

  • ShowerThePeople

    If the Mayor won't give them to the Council, maybe they should be given to the taxpayers. Let no government official have any tickets...instead, let a random lottery occur for each game. Now that's populism, not the Mayor's cronyism and inanity.

  • Bowtie Panza

    Man, two things:

    (1) Skipper, I would first ask are you a resident, if not then you have not reason speaking on this cities issues. As for the finances being in a mess, yes all the council can to do is legislative, but part of the problem is issues such as this one in which the Mayor tries to take total control.

    (2) Shower the People - outside of the boxes which are about 50/50 a lot of the members actually do give the tickets to residents, I have met and seen numerous folks who have received them. Funny enough Councilman Barry used to be known for giving tickets to events to homeless folks.

    (3) candycane1 - unfortunately as much as I hate to say it, this man will be mayor for another term at least and the worst part is that the majority of this city has no reason or right to complain about anything. It is their fault they elected this man, when they were warned and told what would happen and what it would be like. They are now getting what they deserve.


    I perdict that MAF will not be mayor for another term. The activist in this city have a reason to complain about a leader who shows no affinty to the residents. Yes, We elected this man and we were warned and told what would happen and what it would be like. We were wrong and are eating crud right now. But we will not tolerate what boils down to a monarchy in his own mind. A $2 Mil war campaign chest cannot defeat the growing tide for a one term MAF. He is own worst enemy.