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Beer Garden by Nats Stadium?

My favorite nasty local blogger, Jacqueline Dupree, has the scoop on a possible new drinking option for baseball fans. Forever scanning hyperlocal news sources, Dupree has discovered that the agenda for the April 13 meeting of the area's advisory neighborhood commission has line stating, "Akridge Realty Beer Garden." The blogger says that the company is apparently looking to host some kinda party time at their property at Half and N Streets SE. Probably only on game nights, surmises Dupree. Feel free to visit Dupree's site, but be sure not to ask her any questions, or she'll freak out on you.

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  • Suzanne

    Erik, just because Jacqueline doesn't want to waste her time answering the same five questions, and has the guts to say so up front, doesn't justify you freaking out on her. Could it be YOU wanted to ask her some of those questions and are secretly piqued about that?

  • SG

    By and large, I find the City Paper writers to be a lot more bitter, nasty, and negative than Jacqueline. Just sayin... I still read the stuff, but that's my impression.

  • wilhelm

    Where's the actual freak-out? It's just a disclaimer. Don't see any actual evidence of nastiness.