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April Fools’ Fallout: The Hoya Posts Joke Edition Online, Says It’s Really, Really Sorry

For those of you still wondering about all that hullabaloo surrounding the April Fools' edition of The Hoya last week, you're in luck! The staff of Georgetown University's student newspaper has posted the PDF for your viewing pleasure.

Dozens of students, angry about what they considered inflammatory articles, staged a sit-in at the newspaper’s office last Thursday night, hundreds more have joined a Facebook group condemning the content of the issue.

Even a week after it hit the racks, the joke edition is still a hot topic of debate on campus, students said. Over the weekend, several of those offended by the issue met with the university president to discuss the matter, and he will likely talk about the issue in a campus address, reports rival publication The Georgetown Voice.

In an editorial in this week's online only issue, The Hoya editorial board apologizes once again for the offensive items, and asserts that "Despite the years of hard work done by minority groups on campus, a fundamental lack of understanding of minority issues persists on the Hilltop."

"THE HOYA is committed to reconciliation and long-term change; we understand that THE HOYA must never again alienate the Georgetown community in the way it did last week. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid another instance without the contributions of the community — the answer is to rely on you."

As part of that effort, they have set up a meeting tonight at 9:30 p.m. to begin a dialogue with the campus community.

Photo used with permission from Nick Troiano.

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  • Brandon

    Awesome response on the part of the Hoya.

  • Reid

    Normally I'd support the newspaper against the PC-brigade. But in this case, the articles just aren't very funny. Not because they're offensive, but because they're just not very clever. You can find equally offensive stuff in just about any Onion, but it's actually funny. Hell, most blog comment sections are equally offensive yet funnier.

    Obviously the staff of the Hoya tried to do something they're not very good at. It's a good lesson for people: offensive humor has a crazy-high difficulty level; it's not something you can just pick up one day a year.

  • Andrew

    What? People got mad over that? Those are pretty tame jokes. Get a grip, Georgetowners.

  • lolz

    That's really tame; the Hatchet over at GWU has edgier April's Fool articles. And the Hatchet really, really sucks.

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