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Dominican-Bound Fire Truck and Ambo Now Sitting in City Lot

You've read about them all week in the pages of the Examiner and lesser publications! Now see them with your own eyes—the fire truck and ambulance once donated by the District government, controversially, to the Dominican Republic!

A well-tipped LL, accompanied by ace photog Darrow Montgomery, headed down in the LLmobile to the city property yard and warehouse on Adams Street NE this afternoon. Behind the warehouse, they found the two vehicles, a 1998 Seagrave pumper and a 2002 Ford E-450 ambulance, sitting comfortably behind traffic cones.

Both had affixed to their windshields labels from shipping concern Seaboard Marine. According to the shipper's Web site, it costs anywhere from $1,500 to $4,100 a piece to ship such machinery from Miami to Puerto Plata, DR, depending on its length.

Photos by Darrow Montgomery

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  • mike

    wait... why is this important?

  • Dave

    I was just about to ask that!

  • Sigmund Freud

    It's important because we need to see now what the clown are going to do with them. Plus, who paid to have them shipped back home?????

  • Frank Winstead

    Here is another 2002 Ford E-450 ambulance that the DC Government is trying to sell for $6,655 with bids:

  • Dave

    Clown? Huh? MdB please explain.

  • Fred

    And what's an "ambo?"

    An ambulance? Why not just say that?

    Yeah, I agree - not a story. Not a big deal.

  • Chad

    You should do some digging as to the actual year of that fire engine. I'll put money on its at least a 2001 or 2002. Its in better shape than some current apparatus being used in DCFD.

  • Rodrigo


  • http://www.PublicSafetyWorkers.Com pSW dOt Com

    It's "NEWS" to us at pSW dOt Com. The Fire Chief of DC FEMS caught in a world of lies. Yes its important to know how we distribute public funds, surplus property, and who we are paying these public funds, the salary of a lying ass fire chief. There is safety issue involved here. Dennis Rubin is the one of the highest ranking officials in our city. He should be held accountable for misleading the public. People work hard for their money in this city and we don't need to have them abused. Government waste has always been a problem for us as Americans, and should not be tolerated. The individuals involved and I mean from the mayor on down has not complied with the new administration policy of governmental transparency. Dennis and the rest are clowns because they do make me laugh sometimes petty bastards. Check out:, see how this fool is setting the city up for "firehouse closures". The Internet is a powerful thing. Please excuse us for the miner profanity. But, I cant wait for these sick S.O.B. to fall. Firehouse closures huh?
    pSW dOt Com

  • candycane1

    Just heard it on channel 4 news: Fenty said that he just heard about the fire truck and ambulance ordeal when the story broke in the news. F TROOP (Fenty's family, friends and felons) at it again! I wonder what Ron Moten will have to say to that because it appears that Fenty will protect Fenty and that means that Ron Moten might just get thrown under the fire truck.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Yep, Fenty & F Troop may throw Moten under the firetruck & try to escape. Fenty is as corrupt as a July day is long, & one of these days the chickens will come home to roost. Moten is smart enough & enough of a "hustler" to have some dirt on Fenty. Once the rats start leaving the sinking Fenty ship, we may get some truthful accounts of Fenty's rampant corruption.
    As to anyone who claims to think this isn't a big story, how much money is Fenty paying you? Sleazeballs.

  • The Madness Shop

    Too bad Ron Moten won't have much money for a serious legal defense team being that he has used most of his DC government contract money to buy SUV's, homes for family members in PG and Charles County in addition to his matching baby blue kangol hat and sweat suit ensembles.

    Fenty, now you're gonna play dumb about this when you and Chip Richardson play Black Berry ping pong together all day?????

    I hate to say this, but if Fenty decides to throw Mo'=Moten under the bus, he may want to reconsider getting a security detail asap. Fenty has even acknowledged that these guys are former hustlers (not in the good way) and felons. And if Fenty thinks the officers of MPD has his back, think again.