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I Pity Jason Campbell

All this news about Jay Cutler possibly joining the Redskins is killing me. I've generally ignored the rumors in favor of March Madness and the impossible hope that Skins management have learned its lessons about paying too much for either mediocre players (Archuleta) or over-the-hill stars (Bruce Smith, Jason Taylor, Prime Time). But now I can't look away. The underachieving Skins appear poised to get the not-quite-great Cutler from the underachieving Broncos. I feel bad for Jason Campbell.

Campbell is still a young quarterback with a promising arm. He has yet to really take hold of the team. He doesn't win games in the last seconds. He fumbles. He tosses interceptions. He makes 4th Quarters incredibly frustrating. But I still think he's the best quarterback the team has had in a long time (not saying much, I know).

Today, Wilbon lays out the Cutler vs. Campbell debate perfectly:

"You know that phrase, popularized by Bill Parcells: "You are what your record is." Well, Cutler is 17-20 as a starter in Denver. He never led his team to the playoffs. Closer to home, which the Redskins have little interest in, Jason Campbell is 16-20 with no starts in the playoffs either.

So the difference is what, exactly?...

There isn't a bit of difference between Cutler and Campbell, except the Redskins never really want what they already have. They'd rather give Ryan Clark to the Steelers and watch him contribute to a championship team so they can steal washed up Adam Archuleta from the Rams for a bunch of draft picks."

Can someone please explain to me why the Redskins are going after Cutler?

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  • creativemeat

    Because Cutler knows forward passes are important to score.

  • huh?

    the difference between cutler and campbell is that cutler has been in the worst division in football his entire career. that's a lot of games against crappy competition. i don't care what kind of numbers he put up, cutler has not played against the nfc east week in and week out.

    what the hell is snyder doing?

  • TomHandy

    I think that bit about "the redskins want what they don't have" pretty much sums it up.

    Although during the last season, I could swear I remember watching the Fox analysts talking about the best young QB (I think this was related to a discussion about whether Romo deserved his hype), and pretty much all of them seemed to have agreed that Cutler was like the top QB they'd want to build a franchise around.

    Has the opinion of Cutler dropped since then?

  • SkinsMan

    Look at the defense. The Broncos ranked 3rd in Passing in 2008 and 2nd in overall offense. With no running back. A healthy Portis and Jay Cutler under center the Redskins will be an excellent offensive team.

  • Fred

    It's now safe to exhale.

  • Lady Death