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Washington City Paper Parent Co. Wins Bankruptcy Ruling

A federal judge in Tampa has just ruled in favor of Creative Loafing Inc. CEO Ben Eason in a bankruptcy struggle with the company's main creditor, Atalaya Capital Management. Holder of $31 million in Creative Loafing debt, Atalaya was seeking to gain control of the company. The court denied Atalaya's motions and directed the two to figure out a reorganization plan for the company. Our sister paper in Tampa is following the story.

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  • Simon

    it's only step 1 of many, you're nowhere close to being out of the woods.

  • Jon Jr.

    Some people, I bet, would prefer the woods.

  • Jule Banville

    I love the woods.

  • Thomas

    You win best April Fools' Day prank. Good work.