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DC Lawyer Selling Biden Cocaine Tape Has Represented Scoundrels Before

The biggest story over the weekend concerned a videotape that allegedly showed Ashley Biden, the 27-year-old daughter of VP Joe Biden, snorting cocaine and cussing.

The New York Post reported that lawyer Thomas Dunlap had come to the paper while trying to sell the tape to media outlets for as much as $2 million. Dunlap was representing the guy who claimed to have shot the video.

When I read the story, posted on Drudge, the anonymous rat's lawyer's name sounded familiar.

And then it hit me: HE'S THE KICKBALL GUY!

Dunlap, of the firm Dunlap, Grubb, and Weaver, with offices in Leesburg and DC, was the plaintiff's lawyer in what has to be the first federal lawsuit ever filed about kickball, and one of the bizarrest cases I've ever come across.

In 2006, Dunlap's client, the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA), sued relatively teensy upstart DCKickball for, among other things, violating copyright law.

Dunlap contended that DCKickball stole its kickball rules from WAKA, which, to the untrained eye, sure seem just like the kickball rules used by third-graders the world over. For its offenses, WAKA wanted $356,000. (In 1998, one of WAKA's founders had told me he had cribbed the group's rules from softball and his own memories of playing kickball as a kid.)

Dunlap, while in the kickball heavy role, also sent cease-and-desist letters with similar infringement claims to other kickball confederations around town (the NAKID kickball league) and all over the country, accusing them of stealing WAKA's "intellectual property and trade secrets."

One more time: It's kickball!

And since then, if I can believe what I read in the New York Post, Dunlap's gone from representing playground bullies to working for even bigger creeps.

For Ashley Biden's sake, I hope there's no video of her playing adult kickball. That would really be sad.

(Now I'm just waiting to see if the rat played for WAKA.)

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Since he is an officer of the court, he is required to turn this evidence of law-breaking over to law enforcement. He should be disciplined by the bar.
    Btw, I like Ashley. I'd do some lines with her any time. & she likes to smoke weed, too. Perfect. Text me the next time you're in DC, Ashley.

  • Dave McKenna

    playing adult kickball, while heinous, is not law-breaking. It should be, I agree.

    Oh, wait. you're talking about some other sort of nefarious behavior. Nevermind.

  • Sally

    If the Ashley Biden story is true, it doesn't look good for her as a social worker. She works for the Delaware Department of Youth, Children and Families, counseling kids who are addicted to cocaine and crack. She probably should be fire.

  • Sally

    Oops, I meant "fired" not "fire."

  • Jay Winget

    I agree. Why is the focus on the lawyer and not the person doing the coke? Anyone selling a video would get an attorney, so what's the big deal? The bigger issue is whether this tape is a fake--which I think it is! Too many inconsistencies...

  • Frank T.

    The the first comment, Al... evidence of a crime? I doubt the lawyer even had the video in his possession... and that's not how it works anyway... second, you'll see he DROPPED the client immediately after learning about the nature of the scandal. Seems like all he's done is represent his WAKA clients well and drop the bad ones immediately. I'm guessing he had about a day to react after this video-taping-client showed up at his office.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Well, I was "too old" for kickball by fourth grade - the saddest day of my life. If this douche bag claims copyright ownership of kickball rules, then I claim copyright ownership of "third base" and "69".

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    "Kickball"? Now I can dig females wanting to play "kickball", but a real man? No way.

  • Mark Montgomery

    So what if she used drugs? Drugs should be legal. A group of very serious policemen have formed a group to legalize ALL drugs,

    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (

    They see what happened when we legalized alcohol in 1932 as a good example of how drug legalization would work. We can't stop drugs. They're sick of chasing drug users and sending innocent people to prison for decades just because they like to get high. This foolish war on drugs has lasted 37 years and cost us over a TRILLION dollars and we are not an inch closer to stopping drugs. How many millions of Americans are we going to lock up in prison for decades? My brother, Spencer Montgomery III would still be alive if heroin had been legal. He overdosed because He didn't know the actual strength of the heroin he injected. If he could have bought a known amount of heroin in a pharmacy he would still be alive today. Legalize ALL drugs now. Mark Montgomery

  • Jay Winget

    Another classic example of Dave McKenna trying to make a story where there is none. How "shocking" this turn of events has been!

  • Dave McKenna

    Jay Winget:

    released just in time for Easter: "Classic Examples of Dave McKenna, Vol. XXI"

    butt seriously: i don't know what the hell you're angry about. be clearer.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    I'm glad Dave remembered this kickball lawyer - it seems newsworthy to me that the kickball lawyer turned to peddling this video on coke-snorting. It could be a sign of the economic crisis, or maybe just a sign of the depths to which some lawyers sink in trying to make a few dollars. Or maybe the kickball lawyer thought it was an educational video - here's how you do it, kids. You chop the cocaine up, cut it into lines [& make 'em fat lines for skinny girls], then you stick this straw up your nose & snort.

  • Jay Winget

    Dave: I am just saying it must be a slow news day for you to be writing about this stuff.

  • Buckwheat

    I take credit for this statement regarding peeing.

    "No matter how long you dance and prance, the last drop is always in your pants."