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Where’s Adrian Fenty?

No one knows where Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is today, Mark Segraves reports for WTOP:

A spokesperson for Fenty refused to say where the mayor is today, whether or not he's in the country, or how long he will be gone....

D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray, who is second in the line of succession to the mayor and the second-highest ranking elected official in town, is in the dark.

"The Chairman was not informed. I am told the Mayor does not inform the Chairman when he is going out of town as a practice," Gray's spokesperson Doxie McCoy writes in an email to WTOP.

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  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Fenty is flaky, phony, & corrupt. He should find a job in the private sector & stop sponging off the taxpayers.

  • dcbill

    Al, all I can say to what you said is, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN !

  • X marks the spot

    When he is here, he is really not here. So, when he is gone off into oblivion consider it par for the course.

  • Jamie

    Fenty is a douchebag. Seriously. His arrogance approaches that of Blagejovich.

    Old chinese proverb: don't tie your shoes in a watermelon patch. Meaning, if you don't want to be treated like a thief then don't act like a thief.

    If everything Fenty is doing is on the up-and-up then why the hell is the entire city on an information blackout about the day to day activities of the most imporrant public servant in DC?

    It sure would be great if the Attorney General would take steps to look into this. But oh yeah he's in Fenty's back pocket. Awesome.

  • Hope is the thing w/ feathers…

    With this behavior, Fenty is making it very clear that he doesn't give a fuck about re-election. Fenty's raising $2 million for a re-election campaign was just a bunch of showboating, his way of saying look what I can do! Fenty's only goal now is to become very rich so that he never has to work again. First with local developers, and now on to the billion dollar pockets of non-democratic Arab oil sucking governments.

    If not Fenty, then who?

    At-large Councilmember Micahel Brown is gonna run for mayor in 2010, he wants it bad and has wanted it for a long, long time. Brown and his folks are just waiting for Fenty to fuck-up just a bit more and praying for the day Fenty is taken out of the Wilson Building in handcuffs.

    Don't dare think Michael Brown doesn't have the money to run against Fenty. Michael Brown is a poster-child for 16th Street old-black-money in DC. His undercover campaign already has the pocket$ of Bob Johnson, Deborah Lee, Jaci & Morris Reid, Michael Cobb and the Cochran Firm.

  • Maury

    I think he will be indicted. This is too familiar. And I have seen this before.

    But if Michael Brown is the option, get ready for the city's first White elected mayor.

    He is no better than a sailor on shore leave.

  • Laila

    Every week it's something new. Out of the city, out of the country, vindictive firing of city workers, special allowances for his children, regulating sports tickets not meant for him and then a lot of talk, talk, talk. I didn't vote for him. I'm glad. I don't care what color the mayor is. Good and bad men come in all colors. Integrity is way more important.