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P.G.’s Rating Going Up, Up, Up…

Prince George's County has been producing basketball players the way Kenya does long distance runners for a while now. That reputation only grew over the weekend.

Oklahoma native Blake Griffin will end P.G.'s streak of exporting the best player in college ball at two seasons—Kevin Durant ruled through 2006-2007, and Michael Beasley, Durant's former teammate on the P.G. Jaguars 15-year-old AAU squad, owned last season.

But sons of the county came up large during the NCAA tournament's opening weekend.

Folks are saying North Carolina wouldn't have gotten by underdog LSU had the big toe of the Tar Heels' Ty Lawson not healed enough to let him show that he's "the best college point guard in the country." Lawson hails from Clinton, Md.  So does Pitt's Sam Young, a senior forward who had 32 points in his team's 84-76 second-round win over Oklahoma State.

Alas, merely having P.G. blue-chippers on the roster won't guarantee NCAA tourney success. Mitchellville's Austin Freeman and Bowie's Chris Wright, supertalented stars for the P.G.-dependent and disappointing Georgetown Hoyas, had to cheer on their countymates while watching TV after getting booted out of the NIT in the first round.

How does P.G. do it?

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  • Keith Johnson

    I am very interested in the analysis of what caused the Georgetown Hoyas to implode. It is a very puzzling question that is not answered with inexperience alone.

    K N Johnson
    PG native

  • TsionKop

    "Prince George’s County has been producing basketball players the way Kenya does long distance runners for a while now"...dave, I think you meant to say Ethiopians there bro...They rule the five thousand, ten thousand and the Marathon in men as well as women. What say you my Kenyan brothers and sisters? I am sure you would agree.

  • Dave McKenna

    why must you slam my kenyan brothers? my kenyan brothers crushed the rest of the world over the weekend in marathons "from Tokyo to Rome" over the weekend. check it out:

    perhaps you were thinking of my ethiopian sisters, who now rule the female side of marathoning?

    thanks for asking!

  • TsionKop

    Dave, Kenyans are still a powerhouse in distance running. I won't dispute that and have love and respect for my Kenyan runners. But the fact remains Ethiopians hold the record for five and ten thousand in both men and women as well as the men's marathon. I am tryin to dispell the myth one posting at a time :))