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Video: Free Rita’s Water Ice Patrons Include Reed & Oyster Elementary School Students, Ice-Loving Businessmen

The hours left in the first day of spring are winding down, be sure you get your free cup of Rita's Water Ice before the day is over!

Rita's free ice promotion is running until stores close (either 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. depending on the store) so get over and get yourself some ice! Use this tool to find Rita's locations.

At the Rita's in Adams Morgan, Angela Brock said that Reed Elementary School and Oyster Elementary School, both located near the Rita's location, brought students out in droves earlier today to take advantage of the free ice. They served up 357 cups of ice, said Brock.

Brock and her sister, Charnita Brock Walker, were featured in Washington Post Magazine a few weeks back.

"summer treat! gelati @ rita's" by Flickr user Bright_Star.

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    I'm sure their water ice is much better than that nasty ammonia ice they serve at the Great Red Spot.

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    Isn't tomorrow the first day of spring?

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    You really should be careful who you right stories about. These two sisters are not who they appear to be. They are both liars and there is a case of nepotism at both of their locations. Children are being harrassed for being 10 minutes late one time, while Ms. Brock's daughter is 45 minutes late and nothing is said.

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