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Paul Strauss DUI Trial Postponed to June

LL was all pumped and ready for the Trial of the Century—that, of course, being the adjudication of Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss' October drunk-driving arrest.

The trial was scheduled for Monday morning in the courtroom of Superior Court Judge Marisa J. Demeo, but alas, the drama must wait: Strauss' lawyer filed a motion Monday to postpone the trial. It's been rescheduled for June 3.

In her motion, attorney Claire Morris Clark argued that the city had been tardy with a discovery request—a review of which would be necessary "in order for Mr. Strauss to evaluate his trial strategy and decide whether to proceed to trial or consider attempting to reach a disposition in the matter." Once the discovery was provided on March 6, Strauss sought "potential expert witnesses," but none were available for Monday—thus the continuance request. The government did not oppose.

Clark declines to say what sort of expert witness her client expects to call: "Not going to tell you that just yet," she says.

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    Strauss is a joke.

    Five minutes after DC gets statehood, Strauss will have a field of potential opponents run against him and everyone knows it.

  • Fred

    He's not a joke. My experience with him has been positive. He struck me as very knowledgeable, and responsible.

  • Anne

    Senator Strauss works extremely hard for the District without any compensation. He takes his position seriously and is on the front lines fighting for D.C. statehood. Everyone has indiscretions in their past... and this isn't something that should hold him back from the good things he's doing for voting rights.

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