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Mayor: No More Car Inspections!

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty buries what has to be the lede in his 2010 budget proposal: "DMV...will no longer require safety inspections for most passenger vehicles."


More to come, obvi.

UPDATE, 10:35 A.M.: So not quite as sexy as you think. Drivers will still need to head down to the inspection station for federally mandated emissions testing, but safety testing will end for all passenger cars save for taxis. Budget Director Will Singer estimates the savings at $400,000.

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  • SG

    Thank god! That "car inspection" process was the biggest dog and pony show I've ever seen in my life. My car got rejected thrice even though it was in perfect condition and the mechanics couldn't find a thing wrong. Apparently there was a "computer error"...

  • Dave Jamieson

    Wha? Is it April 1st already? I'm stunned right now.

  • Jamie

    I still think Fenty's a jackass, but seriously, it's about time. The safety inspections are a joke. I've passed with bald tires and failed because my one fog light was burned out. Bearing in mind, it is illegal to operate fog lights in DC.

    As far as taxis go though, they were actually inspected before? I've never been in a DC cab that didn't immediately remind my of being in a third world country.

  • TD

    I failed for a non functioning rear wiper. the van in front of me had no rear window!

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    If you were white, you failed; if you were black, you passed. Totally bogus - I hope they put the "inspectors" on a job digging ditches.

  • The Madness Shop

    Lol, I have to agree with Angry Al Gonzales on this one. If you were black and brought those inspectors a "fish plate," they would pass a bullet ridden car thru inspection!