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UPDATE: Man Hit, Killed by Train at McPherson Square Station, Likely Intentional, Delays Expected

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UPDATED: 3:08 p.m.

The victim was a male, there was no age available at the time, and the preliminary investigation indicates it was intentional, according to a WMATA spokesman. There were several witnesses and authorities will be reviewing surveillance footage from the station.

UPDATED 3:05 p.m.

A person was struck and killed by blue line train at the McPherson Square Station, according to Cathy Asato of WMATA's Office of Media Relations.

The event happened at about 1:15 p.m.

There is currently no blue or orange line service between Foggy Bottom and Federal Triangle, and passengers should expect delays throughout the afternoon, said Asato.

From Alert D.C. -

Blue and Orange line riders face delays after person hit by a train

Buses called in to shuttle passengers around incident

Blue and Orange line riders are facing delays this afternoon after a person was hit by a train at the McPherson Square station around 1:15 p.m. The Blue Line train was headed to the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail station at the time of the incident.

There is no train service to the McPherson Square station while emergency crews respond. Metro is setting up free shuttle bus service from the Foggy Bottom Metrorail station to the Federal Triangle Metrorail station to help passengers around the incident area. The buses will stop at Foggy Bottom, Farragut West, McPherson Square, Metro Center and Federal Triangle.

Passengers can expect delays throughout the afternoon as Metro continues to investigate.

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  • Cyndy

    "It was intentional" What was intentional? The train hit him on purpose? Did someone push him intentionally? Did he intentionally inconvenience a whole bunch of people by committing suicide on the train tracks? What? They don't know his age but they do know that it was intentional. How? What if he didn't mean to fall on the tracks? If the guy is being described as a victim, then what happened to him was done intentionally? Who wrote this? Is this how reporters write? Was this vagueness intentional? I repeat...What exactly was intentional?

  • JR

    I've met people like you before...always nitpicking...someone was just killed and you are getting riled up because all of the information is not yet available...classic D-Bag

  • tony

    Cindy, why would the train hit him intentionally? i don't think trains can stop that fast for a pedestrian. I don't see anywhere in the article about someone pushing him down. are you just intentionally being anal about this? just go stop by McPherson Square Station, when everything's taken care of to answer your question to what exactly was intentional.

  • Mark

    Metro spokeswoman Cathy Asato said the preliminary investigation indicates that the man was intentionally on the tracks. No additional information about the man had been released as of Friday afternoon.

  • Ryan J. Reilly

    Intentional is metro-speak for suicide, the spokesman would not use that word. What she meant was that the preliminary investigation indicated it was not an accident.

    Update from Metro's medialine: Further review indicated the person intentionally placed themselves in the path of the train. All trains were running in both directions as of 4:06 p.m.

  • Cyndy

    I'm sorry, today has been very depressing for me and the combination of words in the headline temporarily put me over the edge. My mind immediately went to how awful it was that this guy was killed by a metro train and the two other possible implications of the word "intentional" really upset me. It was not clear in the original statement or in the header. I am not a person who makes assumptions. I get emotional when I hear about something that might be a suicide. I reacted accordingly. Sorry. Thank you Mark and Ryan for clarifying the use of this word in this particular situation. I'm sorry if I offended anybody.

  • Richko

    I was on the opposite platform and from the corner of my eye saw the man leap from the platform onto the tracks, which caught my attention. At first he appeared to be looking for something on the tracks but then went to the center rail and lay face up about 2 seconds before the train hit him. Mercifully for the witnesses on our side, both trains arrived at the same time, blocking our view of the impact (which I was turning away from when it became evident what was about to happen). It all happened so fast. At first it seemed like he was going to jump out as easily as he jumped down, but he made no attempt to escape. So sad. I'm still shaken.