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Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Redskins

How mockable is Dan Snyder's way of doing business?

Well, consider that today, even KidsPost, the children's arm of the Washington Post, took big shots at The Snyder Method.

In a story titled "Redskins Don't Follow the Best Examples," sports columnist Fred Bowen tells young boys and girls that signing Albert Haynesworth, DeAngelo Hall and Derrick Dockery ain't the right way to go to build a winning franchise.

Bowen doesn't scold the Skins for bringing in a guy (Haynesworth) who tried to maim an opponent by stomping on and splitting open his helmetless head (and then tried to act innocent in front of a national TV audience that had just witnessed his barbarism) or a player that's been deemed a me-first locker room cancer (Hall) everywhere else he's been.

No, Bowen's upset with Snyder for the same ol' "spend loudly" method that he's used most offseasons to build interest in his mediocre squad.

"[I]t seems to me tht the Redskins are trying to build a championship team by spending a lot of money on just a few players. And that doesn't work," Bowen writes. "If the Redskins want to be successful, they should look at the best teams in the National Football League and do what they do."

There are better ways, Bowen tells the next generation of potential Skins fans.

"They might have more success if they acted more like the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers than like the Washington Redskins," he writes.

Ouch. But hilarious.

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  • skins4life

    yea well what credentials does this bowen guy have? Who is he to talk about how to run a franchise? Has he ever worked for an nfl team? no, he just spends his day criticizing others, and pointing out mistakes. There is a reason Sneyder is where he is today. OK so we havent won a superbowl since 1991. HOW MANY TEAMS HAVE? Since we won the superbowl, only 11 other teams have. people think its sooo easy to win. it is easy to be judgemental about the moves Mr. Sneyder , and Vinny make, but doesnt make them bad moves. There are reasons Hall didnt work in oakland. He plays better zone coverage as opposed to oaklands man to man. As for being a cancer in the locker room....let fletcher deal with him. We have leadership, something raiders and falcons didnt have at that point. if we didnt sign haynesworth, giants would have....then we would be screwed. dockery is one of the top Olinemen in the league....maybe we did overpay these guys a little, but if thats what it takes to bring them here then let it be..its not your god damn money, so dont worry bout it. Yea we have signed soem busts in the passed, but they were all in the 30's, and out of there prime. We signed these 3 in there prime. there is a difference. AND BTW, everyone talks bout how we always sign superstar busts.....seems to me fletcher, springs, portis, moss all faired out pretty well...get off sneyders case, and find something else to complain about. HTTR!!!

  • Rocky

    Ouch indeed. You know it’s bad when a reporter for the Kids’ Post gets it and the adult owner and general manager of the team doesn’t

  • Chris O’Connor

    Perhaps some of us enjoy the spectacle that is the Redskins. Obviously Snyder is a complete douche, but I like Zorn. Haynesworth is good, but can he cover? cuz Springs can. Can he rush the passer? careful on labeling people as cancers, it just sounds whiny and silly. Hall is a young corner who mouths off, not a cancer. Davis cut him in Oakland cuz he knew he had asamwholea or whatever his name is and was paying Hall twice as much.

  • RT

    What kind of losers root against the home team? Oh I know, carpetbagger losers.