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Fenty Reaches New Heights in Blather

Kudos to commenter "al gonzales" for pointing this out.

Yesterday, WAMU-FM reporter Kavitha Cardoza did a piece [Windows Media/RealPlayer] on the DCPS budget hearing held Tuesday, which was announced only six days ahead of time and which only "about a dozen" persons reportedly attended.

Kind of a boring piece, with requisite outrage from veteran activists Mary Levy and Margot Berkey—until Cardoza put Mayor Adrian M. Fenty on the spot about the short notice.

His verbatim reply, if you can call it that: "Yeah, I think the person who said it right is that we're providing an information in real time probably summed it up best."

A typical content-free response from Fenty, sure, but that isn't even a sentence, far as LL can parse. Replied Cardoza, "What does that—I don't understand what that means."

Said Fenty, "I can't translate. All I can give you is a response to your question."

In that case, we're all still waiting.

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  • Mary Cheh for Mayor!

    Mayor Fenty's office alleges that the public was notified of the DCPS budget hearing meeting six days in advance, (when by law it was supposed to be 15 days) but how the public was notified is even of more concern. No notices were posted in schools, nothing was sent home, nothing in the postal mail or by email...most of the people who knew of the meeting were people that were just "in the know;" word of mouth, members of listservs and community groups.

    Also, this meeting was held Tuesday 9:15am at HD Woodson located on Benning Road this time of the morning many of DCPS' working-class parents are, well, at work...and this area of town isn't exactly 5-15 minutes from the average person's workplace.

    I believe all these screwed up logistics were part of a Fenty master-plan to get as little people as possible to the budget meeting to prevent the public from exposing the many flaws of Fenty and Rhee's takeover of DCPS.

  • Jule Banville

    I caught it. You're quoting sounds about right. The putdown was very clear, however. It was positively Mario Cuomo-esque!

  • KCinDC

    Has Fenty been getting coaching from Sarah Palin?

  • C. Scott

    I'm starting to think that Fenty is mildy autistic or has an undiagnosed speech impediment.