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Don’t Stand in the Hope Obama Leaves Behind!

DeNeen L. Brown: RAW! Fans of Brown's idiosyncratic style can head to the Post's "44" blog to read the Style writer's description of Michelle Obama serving food to the homeless. This time, though, there's apparently no copy editors throwing their wet blankets on her experimental prose. And it's just like reading a typical Brown column, you're like, Wow, some good reporting here, and then some epic weirdness makes your mental brakes screech like Ian Svenonius stubbing his toe. But this one's better because...

  • Here's Brown writing her own Brown parody sentence (all italics mine):

And Obama dished risotto, one by one. Offering steamed, fresh broccoli.

  • There is apropos-of-nothing color:

Man in green sweater: "You really are tall."

"I am tall," Obama said.

  • And, finally, complete kerblooey:

And the guests stood behind in the hope that she left behind.

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  • Jule Banville

    This is my favorite:
    "Glasses of Tang and cups of coffee in front of them. Weary faces wrapped in scarves. Their lives stuffed in bags. Wearing coats upon coats against the cold and danger of sleeping on the street. Sitting at round tables waiting. Mostly invisible people, living on the edge."