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Defending Ingmar Guandique

Soon after news broke of Ingmar Guandique's arrest warrant for the murder of Chandra Levy, two D.C. public defenders appointed to Guandique issued a statement, according to the Washington Post account:

"'This flawed investigation, characterized by the many mistakes and missteps of the Metropolitan Police Department and every federal agency that has attempted to solve this case, will not end with the simple issuance of an arrest warrant against Mr. Guandique. The public should not draw any conclusions based on speculation by the media and incomplete information,' wrote the defense lawyers, Santha Sonenberg and Maria Hawilo."

So the gloves are already off.

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  • Dave

    Let Guandique be convicted from the words of his own mouth. He said he doesn't understand why he is a suspect. He assaulted two other women during the time Chandra disappeared. He didn't show up for work the day Chandra disappeared. He was drinking the day Chandra disappeared. To jail he goes, perhaps forever.

  • scott ruggles

    TO: Santha Sonenberg & Maria Hawilo RE: Ingmar Guandique

    Review both DCMetro & DC FBI records and you will find my calls on file reporting Chandra Levy alive and well in Redmond, WA 7/2001 the da of the All-Star game.