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Our Historic Roundup: Senate Passes D.C. Voting Rights Bill

Today D.C. found it has 61 friends in the U.S. Senate, more than ever before. The approval of the D.C. House Voting Rights Act cleared its biggest hurdle and, barring some conceivable glitches regarding the pro-gun amendment attached to it today, this baby's going to Obama. Here's the roundup:

* DCist, which has been liveblogging, gets some knowledgeable commenters who outline what's next. One of them kindly includes the full text of the amendment "the NRA gave DC residents."

* WaPo's coverage includes a photo of proud-as-punch Eleanor Holmes Norton. You've still got to run, EHN!

* AP includes a timeline of the push for the vote, delineating that the Organic Act of 1801 can now suck it.

* The Economist breaks with its nature and leads with funnies: Stephen Colbert's takedown of EHN.

* goes big, leading with the idea that without the vote, D.C.ers don't even exist. Whoa! Somebody sure loves his license plate...

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  • creativemeat

    Does anyone else not really care?

  • Nikolas Schiller

    I care. All Americans should care. How can our government tell us that we are bringing democracy to other countries when its denied to citizens in America's capital city? Is that not hypocrisy?

    I also have a license plate redesign saying "Taxation With 1/3 Representation." I made it over two years ago when this joke of a bill was first introduced. Feel free to use it on the Washington City Paper website as you see fit.