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Write Like Obama?!

Still craving your fix of Obama web goodies?

How's this for economic stimulation–a company has developed a font called "44th President" based on the hand-writing of President Barack Obama. Now you too, can write like the president–for the low, low price of $15.95 (20 percent of the proceeds will go to charity, says the webpage).

If only you could apply fonts to Twitter, Claire McCaskill would be all over this.

Practical purposes? Absolutely none. Was I tempted for to buy this novelty item just to try it out for ten minutes? No comment. Full presser below:

"44th President" is based on the handwriting of President Barack Obama. A number of sources were studied and the font produced from those references. Barack Obama is the 8th left-handed American president. His left-handed stroke is quite obvious. As seen in recent legislation signing ceremonies, President Obama uses the “hooked” style of left-handed writing where the paper is held horizontally and the pen is “pulled” diagonally over the writing surface, and his signature is bold and elegant. The script flows swiftly with a clear and fluid motion, and includes a complete standard character set and Central European, Baltic, Romanian and Western European character sets. "44th President" is available for immediate download for $15.95, and 20% of all profits will be given to charity.

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  • heather

    Why would people want to write like the president of america, he most likely would prefer to be able to write in a much more comfortable position than what he has to adopt. we have the solution to the left-handed challenge!!
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