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Is Jack Evans Responsible for Thad Cochran’s DCHVRA Vote?

LL watched the Senate cloture vote yesterday in the press gallery beside WTOP's inimitable Mark Plotkin. We both struggled to hear the votes as they were called—helped not at all by Plotkin's stream of anecdotes stretching back well into the '70s and beyond.

Then we heard: "Senator Cochran, aye."

Thad Cochran? Republican of Mississippi? Gentleman Southerner? Certainly not a fellow anyone thought would stick his neck out for the District.

Plotkin immediately though he knew what was up: "That was Jack Evans! It worked!"

So he goes into the story: Two years ago, Evans with Plotkin at West End steakhouse The Prime Rib, where the radio man was celebrating his birthday. Plotkin—a walking, talking Capitol Hill facebook—spotted Cochran seated with another distinguished-looking gentleman at a nearby table. As is his wont, Plotkin told his buddy to introduce himself to Cochran and put a word in for voting rights.

Evans did so. But Plotkin neglected to tell Evans which of the two was the actual senator.

"I introduced myself to the bodyguard," Evans remembers. "He looked like a senator—gray hair, very distinguished looking."

Once that was straightened out, the Ward 2 councilmember asked him to consider a vote for District voting rights. "He said something to the effect of, 'Oh yeah, I'll think about that. Thanks for mentioning it.'" He followed up with a note and didn't think much more of it.

As it happens, Evans was one of the few members not on the scene yesterday—he was tending to council business back at the Wilson Building—but Plotkin was convinced he'd done his part years before.

"And it worked," Plotkin beamed. "It worked! [Cochran]'s smarter than I thought!"

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    I really don’t think Jack Evans had anything to do with turning any Republican votes. DC Republicans visiting Republican Senators urging them to vote the day before for DCVR and two turned. Patrick Mara literally turned the Murkowski vote and Nelson Rimensyder should take a lot more credit for the Cochran vote. Nelson is a Vietnam Vet and met with Cochran the day before. He personally spoke with the Senator about the issue in detail.

    Additionally, the DCGOP did a lot with the Senate Republicans. We sent them letters, met with them and their top staff, sent letters to conservative think tanks and radio show hosts. I really think the record needs to be set straight on this one.

  • KCinDC

    If Evans convinced Cochran two years ago, why did Cochran vote against cloture (thereby blocking the bill) in the previous Congress in September 2007?

    DCGOP's story sounds more plausible than Plotkin's.

  • KCinDC

    Sounds like LL should give Nelson Rimensnyder a call.

  • Kojo Nnamdii

    Poor Loose Lips. Now Plotkin will want every one of his warmed-over 70's stories published in City Paper. LL will never be able to get rid of this guy. But Plotkin's other friends will happily bequeath him to LL.

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