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Average Day: John Culberson (R-TX)

Think politicians are paralyzed by Twitter? That's just the beginning.

Meet John Culberson. He's a Republican from Texas. He's on Twitter. He's also on Qik, a video streaming service for anybody with a Blackberry or a camera-phone. We missed our chance to have him feed our Average Day D.C. blog machine.

Culberson recorded an almost 18-minute-long video from outside the Capital Building last night.

He's recorded four videos just today–including interviews with a scientist talking about glaciers and with the chancellor of Texas Tech.

The best part of the interviews is the awkward part where he explains the technology to those he is talking to.

But he hasn't recorded a video in a full two hours! What's he been doing that whole time? The people have a right to know!

More on Culberson in today's Washington Sketch column by Dana Milbank, who calls it the case of Twittering while Rome burns.

"I'm broadcasting live from the middle of Independence Avenue," announced Culberson, in live streaming video on He jammed his 8-gigabyte camera phone into the faces of three Capitol Police and demanded that they introduce themselves. They did not look happy. "The presidential motorcade will be coming from where?" Culberson asked. "What time are you expecting him to arrive?"

"That's classified," an officer replied.

Culberson continued to narrate his walk to the House floor for the speech: "I think that officer there is carrying a fully automatic weapon. . . . I suspect there's a James Bond type or two around this building, probably up there in the Capitol dome." Huffing and puffing as he climbed the stairs, drawing odd glances, Culberson went on. "I'll do one more broadcast and then I will tweet from the floor."

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  • Pedro

    Are all Texas Republicans absolute imbeciles?

  • Dell

    Dear Pedro,
    If you could only be 1/2 as intelligent as Congressman Culberson, you would raise the average IQ of your household by at least 30 points.

  • Keith

    Way to go, Congressman. If the terrorists want any information about a POTUS they can go to your website. Have you heard of using common sense when it comes to the protection of the President?