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With Dubai Trip, Fenty Swings And Misses

The mayor rarely makes a huge mistake when he's here. Then the man takes a week-long vacation in Dubai and suddenly he's starting to sound a lot like some Jack Abramoff crony. As Fisher outlines in a detailed blog post, Fenty says he always wanted to go to Dubai. Then it's revealed that the United Arab Emirates government paid for the trip. Did Fenty really always want to go there?

Then there is Fenty's total sellout while visiting Dubai. He attended the Dubai Tennis Championships despite the fact that the tournament barred an Israeli woman from playing, that the Tennis channel refused to air the tournament over the barring, and Andy Roddick pulled out of the tournament in protest. Fenty's answer on why he attended the tournament is limp.

Fenty explained to the Post:

"'It's a very complicated international diplomatic situation," he told The Post's David Nakamura. "Concerns were raised. After Venus Williams won, she raised the issue and I think she talked for most people when she said she would have preferred if everyone was allowed to play. But by the end, they seemed to have resolved the matter in that they were going to allow an Israeli to play in the men's tournament.'"

The female tennis player was still barred. This was enough for the Wall Street Journal's European edition to drop its sponsorship and for the Washington Post (another sponsor) to urge the tournament be moved out of Dubai next year.

So why was Fenty really in Dubai? And why did he have to sellout?

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  • The Madness Shop

    Fenty is full of shit. He misses out on President Obama's meeting with the nation's mayors discussing the stimulus package to travel to Dubai and watch a tennis game? Yet he makes all the time in the world for an Obama photo-op of him eating a half smoke at Ben's Chilli Bowl. Fenty's has some screwed up priorities, and obviously the welfare of this city isn't one of them.

  • al gonzales

    Fenty is a fraud & a fool. He's also a dim bulb - ask anyone who's talked to him, he's just not intelligent.
    His moral failures are his worst fault, nevertheless. He attended a tennis match that barred an Israeli athlete? Would he have attended a tennis match in South Africa during apartheid?
    He steals from the taxpayers - using his luxury boxes at the Verizon Center & Nationals Park while cutting programs left & right for lack of funds. Fenty is a fraud & a fool.

  • Babs

    I will continue to say that the Mayor is entitled to a vacation period.

  • Mike DeBonis

    I am the last guy to begrudge a fellow a family vacation, but this is the worst kind of international junket, paid for by a foreign government. This is exactly the stuff he rightly criticized Tony Williams for doing.

  • Steve

    Venus William should not have gone to play in Dubai, she should have chosen the moral course of action, as did Andy Roddick, and withdrawn from the tournament.
    Kudos to Andy, disappointment in Venus. I'm sure if the excluded player had been black, Venus would not have been in Dubai.

  • DCNatives

    Is Fenty from another planet or what? Why in the hell would he support and accept trinkets from a country that is blatantly racist and doesn’t give a hoot about the world’s open window to view their hatred. And, for Fenty to use Venus Williams as justification for attending a tournament, where an Israeli woman was banned, has me questioning his being. How can it be feasibly possible for a politician to be of this world and not associate support of racist acts with political death? It’s absolutely asinine for Fenty not to relate Dubai’s hatred of Israel with the sufferance human beings have experienced for centuries because of their race, religion, nationality, etc. Is he not aware of the pain and humiliation African Americans and Jews have endured because of ignorance and bigotry? Did Fenty not find a correlation with Dubai’s ban of an Israeli athlete and the 1936 Olympics in Berlin where Hitler tried to ban Jessie Owens because he believed African Americans were non-humans? I guess not!

    I’ve always been suspicious of Fenty with his extraterrestrial, frontal lobe characteristics and this act has confirmed it! Yes, he is from the planet HasBeens. Your political career is washed-up Mr. Mayor and your Mothership will be at the Carter Barron on November 2, 2010 waiting to transport you back. Shalom!

  • kimberly

    I just revisted this article after the story broke about Fenty's abuse of police escorts while cycling through DC/MD on various roads...breaking laws every step of the way...and costing taxpayers and estimated $400k for his bike transport....

    As a cylcist living in VA, (as well as of the jewish faith)...I am continually disgusted by his behavour....I COMPLETELY agree w/DCNatives, Steve and others who are like-minded citizens (esp. living in the DC area)....

    Mr. Mayor- you are not above the were elected by the people to represent the people and have proven your insensitivity to not only a wide variety of the laws of this are, but also, ignorant to the morals and values from which this country stands for (if I was African American, I'd be appauled as well- complete disrespect for BLATENT racism in the middle east)....

    I, too, am looking forward to 2010.......we are finished putting up with your frivolous antics and disrespect to DC and the USA as a whole....