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So What Exactly Does Joe Englert Do During an Average Day?

As Joe Englert and I take a taxi (he rarely drives because he thinks it's cheaper to take cabs, once you figure in parking tickets in D.C.) to Enology, the wine bar he co-owns with Adam Manson, I ask the businessman if this indeed has been an average day for him. After all, by my reckoning, here's his day (at least the parts I witnessed):

  • Eat breakfast with sons, Henry and Alex
  • Call a taxi and take Alex to school
  • Play tennis with buddy Matt Weiss
  • Sign a few documents in his office
  • Play bubble hockey with me
  • Share some rum shots
  • Eat lunch and crack jokes at Argonaut
  • Pick out china and flatware for the H Street Country Club
  • Drink a small glass of black muscat at Enology
  • Make phone calls

Yep, Englert says, this is pretty much an average day, though he's quick to remind me that he did get some documents notarized at the National Capital Bank of Washington, where he traded jabs with Vice President John Gordon, who wanted to know when Englert moved to D.C. It was 1984, Englert remembered, right after he gorged on Big Macs in Los Angeles when McDonald's was giving them away for every U.S. gold medal won during the Olympics. "That explains a lot," Gordon says dryly.

But Englert says that sometimes he goes from place to place, checking on the Internet jukeboxes at his bars and restaurants. He wants to make sure that some evil music hasn't been automatically downloaded onto the machines. "You can show up one day, and George Michael is on the jukebox," Englert says. "It's just not good for your place."

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  • al gonzales

    Is this the average day for DC assholes? Joe Englert? Peter Nickles? Strip club patrons?
    I guess it is an entire day devoted to the assholes of DC.
    Try interviewing an "average" person for an "average day" - not the "average" DC assholes...

  • Claudia

    Guess it's a good idea to stay away from the store when this arsehole is there.
    There are very few things more relaxing than sit back with a glass of good wine listening to George Michael's silky voice over a beautiful jazzy melody.

  • Mike Licht

    Oh man! Englert owns the sign from Sherrill's Bakery and Restaurant. How cool is that?

    Hope he owns Dave Petersen's film about the place, Fine Food Fine Pastries Open 6 to 9.

  • Joe A

    Good to know some things don't change, worked for Joe way back when (1999) and that pretty muched sums up most of what I saw, execpt it was a bike not a car most of the time

  • http://none joe englert

    Mike Licht,

    The boothes from Sherril's I put in the basement of Pour House. The Bakery cases and back cabinets are now the bar at Rock and Roll Hotel. I had no luck acquiring the clock or the cool hunting paintings..........

    Regards, Joe Englert

  • http://none joe englert

    P.s.---I know Peterson very well.

    P.S.S.--The first day I moved into Capitol Lounge, (We were right next door to Sherril's) Nola, the matriarch saw me outside sweeping the sidewalk.
    She asked me, "Are you the new owner?"
    I nodded.
    She wailed, "You're gonna fail!!!!"

  • Islandgirl

    Seriously, stop hatin' on the man!! I only wish I had thought of half his ideas. Joe your bars simply Rock....and Roll!! (I know that was corny but, irresistible). Trust me, I know bars. My family owned them in Jamaica, I used to own one and I frequent them quite (too) often. Was just in The Pug and Rock and Roll on Friday and had a blast. If I ever decide to do the bar thing again I would love to have you as a mentor. Hmmm....old plumbing supply store off H St. NE w/ a speakeasy bar. I think I know exactly where you are but, I'll never tell.