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What the Hell With Andrew Sullivan’s Shirt?

Even the thought of watching a video wherein two pundits dissect the Judd Gregg incident makes me want to punch myself repeatedly in the throat, but the freeze shot of Andrew Sullivan's shirt in this Atlantic video was too compelling.

There's so much wrong here. I've seen Sullivan a few times around Adams Morgan, and while his taste in shirts has never been stellar (I'm thinking specifically of his "Interstate 420" T-shirt), I've never seen anything this problematic on the famous blogger.

The trouble areas are as follows:

  • a. Looks like a pit stain.
  • b. The graphic is brown, which plus the dusky rose of the shirt looks uncannily like spilled lunch. That's not necessarily bad for business—a couple of mustard souvenirs seem to be the sine qua non of think-tank types, based on my observations. But good God, is that a pocket on a rugby shirt? My grandfather used to insist on having two of those: one for his smokes, the other for his reading glasses. Andrew, you're halfway to dressing like a dead plumber.

I've checked Abercrombie & Fitch's site for the shirt–even the clearance section–but no dice. I have to assume this is a botched clone of a successful shirt design, perhaps purchased on the street?

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  • metcalfe

    this is not getting the love it deserves.

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