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Carjacking in the 300 Block of Taylor St. NW; Armed Suspect on the Loose in Petworth

BREAKING: Police are blanketing Petworth after an armed carjacking in the 300 block of Taylor St. NW. The perpetrator, a 5'8" black male dressed in running gear and a ski mask, commandeered the car at approximately 7:50 p.m. and fired on three cops at 7:55, hitting no one. A low-flying helicopter equipped with a searchlight is keeping a tight perimeter around the neighborhood. Residents are being asked to remain in their houses and to report any suspicious behavior to the police.

Further bulletins forthcoming.

UPDATE ~10:50 p.m.: Officer Peterson at the D.C. Police Public Information Office reports that the suspect's still at large. "He's still out there," Peterson said. "He got away."

More details on the shooting: After jacking the car—a Ford Escape—the perpetrator drove north before encountering three officers at 3rd and Upshur Streets NW. "He took a couple potshots at them," Peterson said. No one was injured. Police have recovered the car, which the culprit ditched to proceed on foot.

UPDATE ~12:01 p.m. 2/13/09: Officer Kenny Bryson at the D.C. PIO confirms that the shooting happened at 3rd and Taylor NW, not NE. This morning's Washington Post mistakenly identifies the 300 block of Taylor St. NE as the site of the carjacking.

More as it comes.

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  • M

    Can we get confirmation on where the carjacking actually took place? CP says 3rd and Taylor NW, WaPo says 3rd and Taylor NE. As residents of the former, we'd like to know.

    Also, in an unrelated incident, gunshots were heard around 9:30 pm in the same Petworth neighborhood area, but no one has reported on that.

    300 block of Taylor Street NW is the same neighborhood block that witnessed a drive-by shooting in November 2008 where police recovered 35 bullet casings and three men were injured. Two were reported -- one shot in the head, another in the leg -- and a third victim went unreported, carried away by two men. We still don't know if any arrests were made in that incident.

  • Ted Scheinman


    Check the update (above). The PIO is now saying NW, NOT NE. Post had it wrong, apparently.

    The second incident you're describing actually took place in the 4000 block of Marlboro Pl. NW in the late hours of November 7, 2008. Right around the corner from 3rd & Taylor. We're pretty sure there haven't been any arrests made in that case.

    Speaking of that unreported third victim—did you see the men carry him away? I only spoke with one person who acknowledged a third victim.

  • Petworth

    I am pretty sure I saw the third victim. His friends were holding him as they walked back and forth by the alley on 4th street just on the other side of Marlboro. I thought something was weird about the way they were holding him and when someone drove by they let go so he could stand normal temporarily.