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Our Morning Roundup: Food Fights & Snapdragons

*U Street Girl comments on the fight at Cardozo High, in which 16 students were arrested, 15 injured, and 5 hospitalized after a cafeteria fight between several girls.

*district, schmistrict complains that (a) D.C. has no "townie" bars; (b) Baltimore has real taverns; (c) "fluffy companion dogs" are nice! but unattainable.

*Vox Populi's Lillian Kaiser writes a darling headline.

*Capitol Hill Style offers tips for purchasing V-Day flowers. The take-home? Hew to cultural convention:

Don’t Send the Wrong Message! Every flower in the garden has an assigned meaning. Red tulips are a declaration of undying passion. Daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love.

There’s a flower for any message you could want to send, and since women are notorious for reading too much into things, now would not be the time to choose haphazardly.

This means no yellow roses (”I just want to be friends,” or worse, infidelity). No yellow carnations (disdain and rejection). No hyacinth (jealousy) and no snapdragons (deception). Good rule of thumb: no yellow and no carnations.

*John Dickerson reports on Michelle Obama's trip to Adams Morgan, during which the First Lady addressed a gaggle of kids at Mary's Center:

"My name is Michelle, and I'm married to the president of the United States. Do you know his name?"

"Barack Obama," said a 5-year-old girl named Anise, who became the star of the show. She also knew the Obama daughters' names and several other pieces of information. (She was silent, however, on the stimulus bill.)

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  • al gonzales

    The Cardozo thugs-in-training should be sent to prison ASAP, so they can learn from the professionals. After all, that's their future. If not prison, then send them to a special school where they can learn what it's like to sit behind bars all day for years & years.

  • al gonzales Reality Check

    Al let's not forget to imprison the Chancellor of the "Cardozo thugs-in-training" who has allowed the school's custodians and Hawk One security guards to cover classes as substitute teachers. When Michelle Rhee's administration moves her focus from battling with unions, teacher-bashing and her and Fenty public relations tour...only then can they focus on actively engaging students in even wanting an education.

    There's an ole saying, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop."

    If students are left in classes where they are babysat by unqualified substitutes and allowed to play spades and surf the net on Facebook and myspace...well quite frankly...causing a random school fight is gonna be the highlight of their day.

  • Ron The Don

    With all due respect Al G, can the parents share the blame for this mess? If the parents aren't demanding the kids to get good grades, behave in a respectable manner and settle their difference without having someone else's blood spilling on the floor, nothing is gonna happen. Before you paint the school a haven for bad behavior, you need to remember that many viewed this school as one of the better schools in DC. Last time I checked 16 people don't make a majority of students. You should know that 16 students were arrested. Those 16 should be kicked out of school for the safety of those want to go to school and learn something useful. If you're so concern about the state of District school, turn your outrage into action and contact your elected officials and demand more accountability from the bottom to the top.

  • Sam

    "townie" bars? wtf. #1 what's up with that stupid slag, but also #2, that's ridiculous. near logan i can think of at least two 'neighborhood' bars, playbill and townhouse. they aren't looking hard enough.

  • The Madness Shop

    I keep hearing cliche statements like “Fenty and Rhee are the best things to happen to DCPS” and/or “Fenty and Rhee are what DCPS needs” etc.

    However, these recycled lines are never backed with any examples of DCPS success or improvements under the Fenty/Rhee administration. (other than school renovations)

    Sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no one expects Rhee to have created a utopian public school system after just a year and half. Still, Rhee has no positive incremental change in DCPS to take credit for. Rhee’s biggest success thus far is firing people and creating havoc in the name of reform.

    Also, test scores have not improved, Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes reports that truancy is at an all time high, obviously with this story and others that go unreported student discipline has NOT improved, students have unqualified rotating substitutes covering classes for months at a time, many schools like Stuart-Hobson are just getting their special education coordinator in the middle of the school year despite direct email request to Ms. Rhee since August 2008…and worst of all morale amongst DCPS personnel is the lowest its ever been due to Rhee’s “disagree with me and I’ll fire you” campaign.

    Don’t mistake Rhee’s generic toughness and we are the world-like statements, “every child can learn,” for change or improvements. Change must be tangible. And its a shame that this Mayor and the DC City Council mistaked botched data, a resume absent of managing a major school district and the testimony of a former NBA player as Rhee's qualifications to be Chancellor's of DCPS.