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Michael Steele Is Our New Sarah Palin

I have been trying to figure out Michael Steele for the last week or so. Every since he won the RNC's top job that has meant more TV chat show appearances where he talks up tax cuts and talks down Obama. He just doesn't sound that smart. Yesterday, Steele told a Politico reporter that Obama's stimulus package "is just a wish list from a lot of people who have been on the sidelines for years.. to get a little bling, bling."

And, well, he has a history, a bad history. In terms of contributing to the economy, the one thing everyone remembers is the hiring homeless from PA to handout misleading fliers on election day when he ran against Cardin and got trounced. Fisher has the definitive postmortem on that ugly campaign.

Now Steele continues to insist government doesn't create jobs.

This morning I woke up to this thought: Steele is our new Sarah Palin.

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  • Babs

    He is the worst black politician ever!!! We will not fall for him being black, he is no Barack Obama, that is why he is always talking about him. Instead why don't he come up with the some original ideas? Because he has none, none that matter. Stop wearing those back in the day preacher suits, Steele looks ridiculous.

  • George

    When Steele finishes an engagement, does he take his black prosthetic mask off at home, or in the makeup room? No black person I've heard ever said what he does!

  • NAB

    Two racist comments about a black politician in under an hour... We still clearly have a long way to go.

  • DC11

    So, the first two comments bash him for being black, and most likely since he is a black Republican.

    Steele has to face a lot more obstacles than Obama.

    Cherkis, you are trying to say Steele is not smart. He is more accomplished than many people and is a brilliant man. He is also dead on with his points. Maybe next time you want to try to bash him you could bring up Schmuer getting away with stealing his credit, people calling and throwing Oreos at him, and the black face drawings made of him, among other hardships he has fought to become successful.

    Show the man some respect please.

  • mypitts2

    The problem with some of our waking thoughts is that they are the unformed offerings of a groggy mind.

    I'm a Democrat and can say that even a cursory glance at Michael Steele's record and public comments reveal he is no Sarah Palin. Steele, unlike Palin, demonstrates a broad grasp of complex issues. I have seen him speak personally. He is sharp and puts a pleasant face on Republican ideas.

    That he has to talk like an inflexible right-winger on the bailout should not be mistakenly used to define him. Even moderates like McCain sound unhinged on the stimulus -- it is what their party requires at the moment.

  • geek

    I may not agree with Michael Steele's politics.

    He is well educated, knowledgeable and experienced and everything Sarah Palin is not.

    He is a serious person and ready to do a serious job, everything Sarah Palin is not.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Then why is he acting like Sarah Palin? No educated person would say the things he's said recently.

  • DEO

    I am intrigued that the words SARAH PALIN or PALIN LIKE have become a TERM to mean verbally challenged, incurious and backwards and yet some THINK a presidential campaign will be launched. How do you get away from the fact that if you punch the word PALINESQUE into your serach engine it yeilds a bunch of articles about OTHER stupid people?

  • Belle

    Michael Steele is the gift that keeps giving to the democrats. We should start planning Obama's 2nd inaugural!!